Walt Disney Imagineering and Khan Academy Partner for “Imagineering in a Box” Program


Have you ever been interested in learning about Disney Imagineering?

How do they create, design, and implement their ideas for attractions? Where do their ideas come from? How do they use technology and design to create immersive stories and rides?

Now you can find out!

Disney Imagineering has partnered with the Khan Academy to bring a free online program called Imagineering in a Box.

There are 32 videos in this series that allow Imagineers to share their skills “..from story development and conceptual design, to math, physics and engineering – to create immersive experiences.”

The online curriculum aims to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and encourage innovation in the minds of students and teachers alike, while creating fun and engaging opportunities to explore new concepts.

The Disney Parks Blog also added:

Modules range from a tutorial on engineering software, to an interactive exercise where learners are encouraged to gather items around them and create something new. The program’s hands-on components will allow students to relate new concepts to real-world examples to bring treasured Disney stories to life. Each activity is designed to be scalable, allowing individuals to learn on their own or in a classroom setting.

As a teacher I really like this approach. Hands-on learning is an amazing way to reinforce learning in students.  “Relating new concepts to real-world examples” is something that a lot of educators encourage. Students are more likely to understand, learn and pay attention if the have concepts or ideas that they personally relate to.

The fact that this is available for individual learners or for teachers to use in entire classrooms is fantastic!  With Lessons in “Creating Worlds,” “Designing Attractions” and “Bringing Characters to Life” this program offers lessons that can apply to language arts, technology and the visual arts (to which I am biased as an art educator.)

I love this!

If you would like to register you can visit the Khan Academy HERE.

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Source: Disney Parks Blog


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