Walkway Between Kirkman Road Area Hotels to Universal Orlando (Photo Report)


As Orlando visitors discover the quality and features of Universal Orlando, hotel accommodations nearby become more desirable. The Universal Orlando/Loews hotels offer great locations for guests going to Universal Orlando. Also, Universal Orlando vacationers can also find several hotels within reasonable walking distance. I define reasonable walking distance as about a mile away from the security hub. Several hotels in the Kirkman road area fit that definition. For example, the Holiday Inn and Suites across from Universal Orlando meets this standard. I made a quick stay there in April so expect a review to be released of that stay at a future date.

Today, I will endeavor to walk you from CityWalk to the Kirkman area hotels with the aid of words and photos. This walk took me about 15 minutes from CityWalk “moving walkways” to the Holiday Inn. To make this walk, you leave CityWalk towards the security hub. You will reach a section in between the two moving walkways. You will see signs pointing toward Tom Williams Way. Follow the directions of the signs.

You will go down the escalators toward valet parking. Also, if you are someone wanting to avoid the security hub, walking from your Kirkman area hotel this way allows you to use valet parking security hub which is much simpler.

At bottom of escalator, you will exit valet parking area looking for next sign on your right. Follow that sign to the path.

You will walk along this path across the valet parking entrance area. Next, you will see a walkway from CityWalk security hub to parking garage across the road.

Then, you will reach an intersection with a crosswalk. You will need to wait to cross this road via the crosswalk.


After that, you will follow this path. Along the way, you will see Portofino Bay Resort on one side of your walk. As you can see from pictures, you will probably not be alone on this walk.

Before you reach Kirkman Road, you will see the large Universal Orlando entrance sign.

At Kirkman Road, you will see on the opposite side a large walkway to cross Kirkman Road. Proceed to take this walkway.

At the bottom of the walkway, you will turn left for some Kirkman Road area hotels. To reach Holiday Inn and Suites (and other hotels on this side), you will use another crosswalk. You will see the TGI Fridays. The Holiday Inn and Suites resides just on the other side of that restaurant.

If looking to save some money on your accommodation while visiting Universal Orlando, the Kirkman Road hotels offer some compromise with limited shuttles and the ability to walk back and forth. If you are willing to walk, you could save enough money to enjoy a nice dinner after a long, exciting park day. May all your vacation days be enjoyable. Thanks for reading!


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