Voodoo Doughnut Vegan Peanut Butter and Jelly Doughnut


As enigmatic celebrity chef Justin Warner refers to it, there is a law of peanut butter and jelly. In a Splendid Table interview, he discussed this law. He said the combination of fat, fruit and something to spread it on is an archetype. Warmer said, “The reason I call it the law of peanut butter and jelly is because peanut butter and jelly is really the first complex dish that we learn to make as children in America.”

That statement could be echoed by many people even if they do not call it a law. Is this why we crave peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Why have we not seen this as a law of food before? Apparently, Voodoo Doughnut at Universal Orlando CityWalk knows this law applies to doughnuts. Okay, maybe they just came up with a PB&J doughnut for other reasons. Yet, the law of peanut butter and jelly drew me to this doughnut. Voodoo Doughnut sells a Vegan PB&J doughnut.

During a recent trip, I ordered a Vegan PB&J doughnut. This costs $3.50. In case you are wondering, Voodoo Doughnut does not offer a non-vegan version. I do not know why. I just report the theme park food news. This raised yeast doughnut comes filled with raspberry jelly. The topping features peanut butter and a half portion of peanuts on top for presentation purposes.

If you are a non-vegan diner, you will detect quickly that this is a vegan doughnut. Yet, I found the flavor above average for any doughnut. To my surprise after standard mobile ordering drama, the peanuts on top tasted fresh. They provided a nice crunch too. The peanut butter within this doughnut works nicely. The peanut butter flavor will not impress some people. Still, I found it worked with his combination. Like many vegan sweet treats, this one struggles a bit with the aftertaste issue. However, I do not think it took away too much from the enjoyment of this doughnut.

Overall, the biggest weakness of this doughnut would be the price point. Even as a vegan doughnut, $3.50 looks a bit high to me. When the far more “specialty” flavored doughnuts here cost about the same, making this price seem a bit high. However, I respect that making a decent vegan doughnut does cost more. Despite that, the law of peanut butter might demand you give this a try.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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