Voice of Liberty Return to The American Adventure Rotunda


The Voices of Liberty have finally returned to performing in the rotunda of the American Adventure, however they ar dressed in modern attire and not in the period costumes they are known for. Usually these outfits are saved for special events, stage performances, the Fourth of July, etc. so I’m hoping it’s just because it’s a the re-opening performances.

Videos of the performance were popping up on YouTube and social media:

Here’s one from The Best Voices of Liberty Channel

I’m so glad to see them finally return, but I wish they could be in the period costumes that made it extra special.

The website still shows the image of performers wearing their period attire so maybe this is indeed a temporary thing?

(Image Credit: Disney)

They didn’t always wear the costumes when they performed but given that they were a special draw and people are wanting things to go back to “normal” now seems now is a good time to bring them back. Hopefully this isn’t another budget cut?

Hey, I’m just glad they aren’t shoving a food kiosk in there again, that felt to tacky.

Currently the show schedule is as follows:

For comparison here they are in their period costumes:

I’m just so happy to have them back. I grew up listening to the performances and I have always loved them.

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