Victoria Alonso’s Lawyer Issues Statement on Termination; Claims Disney “Silenced” Her

Victoria Alonso arrives at the Fan Screening of Marvel’s Black Widow at the El Capitan Theatre on June 29, 2021 in Hollywood, California.

The Marvel / Disney and Victoria Alonso drama continues to unfold. Alonso, who was the President, Physical and Postproduction, VFX and Animation Production for Marvel Studios, left Marvel on March 17. After her exit, it was speculated that she was terminated for her involvement in the ‘Argentina, 1985’ film, where she was one of eight producers. Now Alonso’s attorney, Patty Glaser, who is also handling the Lucasfilm lawsuit for Karyn McCarthy, is claiming that she was “silenced” by Disney because she is a gay Latina who criticized the mouse.

Here is the statement from Glaser:

The idea that Victoria was fired over a handful of press interviews relating to a personal passion project about human rights and democracy that was nominated for an Oscar and which she got Disney’s blessing to work on is absolutely ridiculous. Victoria, a gay Latina who had the courage to criticize Disney, was silenced. Then she was terminated when she refused to do something she believed was reprehensible. Disney and Marvel made a really poor decision that will have serious consequences. There is a lot more to this story and Victoria will be telling it shortly—in one forum or another.

The recent theory about why Alonso was fired, which the lawyer confirmed she was terminated in the statement, is that Alonso violated her contract with Disney when she worked on the “Argentina, 1985′ film. Glaser claims that Disney knew about her involvement with the film and is using it as an excuse.

Disney has released a statement on this situation:

It’s unfortunate that Victoria is sharing a narrative that leaves out several key factors concerning her departure, including an indisputable breach of contract and a direct violation of company policy. We will continue to wish her the best for the future and thank her for her numerous contributions to the studio.

Many agree that breach of contract could be their legal way of removing the Marvel executive. Still, the real reason behind her termination could be the massive delays and terrible special effects on shows and films under her watch.

She is in charge of postproduction and VFX. Many movies have been delayed for “postproduction” reasons. VFX professionals have been speaking out against Marvel for their low pay, ridiculous schedules, changes, and demands, which fall onto Alonso.

She also claims that Disney fired her over her “courage to criticize Disney.” Many news outlets speculate that Alonso is trying to blame backlash from her public criticism of Bob Chapek over the Parental Rights in Education bill at the GLADD awards. But her identity hasn’t been the reason given; breach of contract is the official cause.

Disney is known for being very inclusive and even changing attractions, movies, and Cast Member rules to accommodate diversity and inclusion. The company has come under fire for “overstepping” and politically challenging Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis over the Parental Rights in Education bill. I doubt they would terminate or silence her over her identity.

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