VFX Professionals Alleged Victoria Alonso Responsible For “Toxic Work Environment”

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Yesterday it was announced that Victoria Alonso left Marvel on March 17, 2023. Before her departure, she had been with Marvel since 2006, with her final position putting her as President of Physical, Post Production, VFX and Animation. This means that the declining quality of special effects, delays in films and shows due to post-production issues, and the complaints from many VFX professionals were on her.

Various VFX professionals have come out with complaints about working for Marvel. Now that she has been removed, even more, have allegedly been commenting on the situation.

A senior reporter for Vulture has been on Twitter sharing what he has allegedly been hearing from these professionals, and it aligns with what we previously knew. She had far more power than her position necessarily allowed her. Frankly, many feel she’s behind many questionable decisions in the low-performing Phase 4.

According to his sources, Alonso made the work environment “toxic” for many. She allegedly kept a blocklist of people who didn’t do what she wanted when she wanted it. Which also aligns with previous complaints.


Chris Lee has been covering these issues on Vulture for a while. One VFX professional said that Marvel wanted to pay several hundred under his regular rate for twice the number of shots, 18-hour days, seven days a week for three months. He declined, knowing it would cause him to be blacklisted. Another source discussed how Marvel was “squeezing the blood out of stones, and we’re the blood.

It sounds like Marvel, under Alonso, demanded too much, paid too little, and punished them when they couldn’t or wouldn’t complete projects by a specific time. Post Production, which Alonso oversaw, has been cited by many as one of the reasons Marvel is behind and facing delays on projects.

Given the number of complaints, there were likely a lot of professionals who were on the alleged “black list,” and if she’s gone, will Disney and Marvel hire them again? Will those VFX specialists come back?

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