Vegan Street Tacos Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Orlando Food Review


Halloween Horror Nights 2022 in Orlando offers scares, merchandise, and of course food. The food offered during Halloween Horror Nights this year reached a new level. Building on pattern from last year’s event, many food locations match themes of Halloween Horror Night houses this year. Located in the La Bamba courtyard area guests may find the “Dia de los Muertos” themed food area. This food area matches to some extent the theming of the Fiesta de Chupacabra house.

In this area, Universal Orlando took extra effort to decorate.

The bright painting design works nicely. They also call the guests’ attention to this sometimes-overlooked area. For 2022, this food location offers some high-quality Latin inspired food.

Guests can purchase pork and cheese tamales, chicharrones (deep fried flour crips seasoned with cinnamon and sugar), a specialty popcorn bucket with specialty popcorn, and a “Mangonada popsicle.”  Each of those offers decent value with good flavor. Yet, my preference here would be the “Roasted Sweet Potato & Mushroom Street Tacos.” These cost $8.29.

The menu description reads “roasted sweet potato and mushroom street tacos, topped with onions, vegan crumbled cheese, cilantro and served with birria consommé. Also, I noticed that sometimes these came with salsa added and sometimes not. I suggest you order these to make your preference clear as they prepare your food. In addition, these tacos qualify as vegan.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

This food area, like many others, draws a longer line. Thus, the wait can be longer than desired. However at least this area has some seating nearby as opposed to most food areas.

So how do these vegan tacos taste? To start, I must tell my carnivore friends that you will probably enjoy these tacos. Unless you dislike one of the three main vegetables intensely, the flavor combination works well to create a solid taco whether vegan or not. The portion size within two street size tacos ranks as above average. The consommé sauce creates a thick spicy addition to the other components of the tacos. In terms of flavor, these excel.

On the less positive side, the vegan cheese added very little to the tacos when I tried them. I would have preferred less cheese and more vegetables and/or spices. Also, the tortillas could be better but struggle in terms of texture like the cheese.

Overall, I found these tacos to be some of the best savory style food at Halloween Horror Nights this year. If you find yourself hungry during the event, remember these tacos can be found in La Bamba courtyard. As always, eat like you mean it!

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