Vegan Fettucine Alfredo Universal Orlando Passholder Days Exclusive Item


One of the ways Universal Orlando shows consideration for their annual passholders involves food. During Passholder Appreciation Days 2022, Universal Orlando offers many food items exclusively for annual passholders. One of those brought joy to the vegan diners. The “Willy Wallo Lasso” pasta dish serves as a vegan pasta item for passholder days. As you might imagine, you will find this in the Seuss Landing area of Islands of Adventure. The infamous Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-pendous serves this passholder exclusive item until September 30th.

Historically, this food court offers below average theme park food. Yet, for the holiday season in 2021, they offered a great seasonal sandwich that I hope comes back. Maybe the key to good food here involves seasonal items instead of the everyday menu. Would this be true for the passholder days pasta dish?

Photo courtesy of Shelby Castle (Universal Orlando Vegans)

The “Willy Wally Lasso” costs $12.99 (but more about that later). When this item originally was announced by Universal Orlando, they stressed that vegan pasta was used. Of course, they also said it contained chicken (Oops!). The official menu description now reads “creamy vegan fettucine alfredo with chick’n.” In defense of Universal Orlando, they have continued to strive to have improved vegan options so a slight oversight can be forgiven.

So how did this taste? As expected, the breadstick tasted just average with this menu item. Also, if you are expecting a full creamy alfredo pasta dish, that is asking too much of this vegan pasta. I think Universal Orlando does themselves a disservice by calling this dish creamy.

However, I thought this pasta dish provided solid flavor.

Sure, as someone who does not always eat vegan, I would have preferred more cream. However, a primarily vegan diner should find this pasta offering reasonable flavor and creaminess. The noodles looked and tasted reasonably well prepared. In fact, I found the preparation to be good. Now, the appearance of mine lacks style but oh well.

Also, the flavor of the vegan alfredo sauce worked very well in this case. If you often enjoy plant-based alternative “meat products”, this chicken will be satisfactory. In fact, I found myself surprised by the larger portion of “chik’n” with this pasta.

Overall, this makes a solid theme park vegan menu item.

Before concluding, I have seen two reports of people paying more than $12.99 for this dish. If you order this, be prepared to show the price listed on Universal Orlando passholder page to pay $12.99 just in case. Also, do not forget to get you passholder discount if applicable with your pass. The pricing issue with passholder items at Universal Orlando happens often (especially at hotels). Either way, I can recommend this pasta.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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