Vaccination Passports Illegal for Walt Disney World

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On April 28th, Florida’s State House of Representatives passed a bill from the Florida State Senate which will make permanent the ban of so-called “vaccine passports” in the Sunshine State. The bill has a little bit more of a trek to go, however, since the House made some modifications to the Senate’s original language, meaning that it will have to go back to the Senate for approval. Once completed, the bill will go to Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk, where it is almost certainly headed for approval.

Vaccine Passport Ban in Florida

None of this should come as any surprise. The governor of Florida previously made an executive order that temporarily made “vaccine passports” illegal in the state… or at least untenable given that executive orders are not technically law and therefore are theoretically not able to create legalities. But with widespread support among conservatives in a state held by conservatives, Florida is on course for being at least one major state where individuals cannot be discriminated against based on their COVID-19 vaccination status.

For theme parks, the current language of the bill seems to prevent them from discriminating against potential and real customers who are either citizens of Florida or visitors from other parts of the country. While Disney Cruises are almost certain to require proofs of vaccination, and Disneyland Resort may very well in the future, it does not appear that this will be a legal option for Disney World Resort, or other theme parks such as Universal Studios Orlando, moving forward.

As with everything, there are differing opinions on this step. For those in favor of vaccination passports, they often believe that individuals should provide medical proof that they are unable to contract or (likely) transmit the virus responsible for the global pandemic. For those against proof of vaccination requirements, they may cite that many adults already have antibodies from having had the virus naturally, as well as expressing concerns about turning large numbers of citizens into second-class individuals given where that policy can go based on history. We take no official position on this site as to whether vaccination passports are wise or unwise, and encourage you to speak with your doctor for best practices during the pandemic.

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