Updates to Universal Orlando Annual Pass Benefits

Image: Universal Orlando PR

If you are an annual passholder at Universal Orlando, you enjoyed monthly pins/buttons and seasonal magnets. Well, those benefits reportedly no longer exist. I could bore you with the reasons but safe to say this needed to happen. Changes happen in life. For 2022, Universal Orlando adjusted their benefits for annual passholders. You can find full list here.

The benefits that passholders receive depends on their level of pass. I will attempt to summarize new and/or returning benefits.


The top two levels of passholders get at least a 10% discount on merchandise bought at Universal Orlando owned and operated merchandise stores. The new inclusion for passholders gives them this discount at resort hotel gift shops. In previous years, this benefit was very hit or miss. Having said that, the current benefits list does not cover every resort hotel merchandise store so please check before assuming you get a discount. As of time of typing, the Surfside store fails to be listed with a discount but the Dockside one is, there may be some editing of these benefits still to come.

Another curious new discount involves the airport. All passholders get at least 10% discount at Terminal A and B Universal Studios stores. This benefit appears as brand new this year. Power and seasonal passholders could find better value at airport stores than in park with this new benefit. The discount will be same as in park one for preferred and premier. This benefit could aid some travelers that forget to get a present for someone.


This adjustment to the benefits raises tension in theme park bloggers since Universal Orlando continues to be inconsistent about these things. As someone with a diet soft drink addiction, I watch these discounts closely. 2022 benefits clearly state all passholders get $1 off recharging their freestyle cup. If you have a power or seasonal level pass, take advantage of this. If you have preferred or premier, try to get your standard 10=15% discount since it will be more.


I could write an entire article about this. The drama of food/beverage discounts, especially at the Endless Summer Resorts, could fill a large library in terms of documentation. Good news, that confusion disappeared at least for now. The new passholder benefits page list ALL passholders getting 10% discount (or more) at almost all food/beverage locations at the on-site hotels. This news will brighten passholders staying at Endless Summer. This 10% extends to the resort hotels only freestyle cups also.

As pointed out to me by Seth Kubersky of the Unofficial Guides, these food/beverage discounts mention not being available during special events and holidays. At this point, we lack knowledge which events and holidays are being referenced. He suspected that Halloween Horror Nights served as primary event. With Mardi Gras coming up in early February, we should know more about special events and holiday availability of discounts then.

This list fails to be exhaustive. Please check passholder pass if concerned or researching purchasing an annual pass. I hope this helps your vacation planning.

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