Universal Studios Japan Reduces Park Capacity After COVID-19 Cases Increase In The Osaka Prefecture

Universal Studios Japan has just made a huge reduction in capacity limits after an increase of COVID-19 cases in The Osaka Prefecture, where the park is located.

According to Nintendo Of Life, the area has hit a new single-day-record of new COVID-19 cases. The numbers more than doubled from 341 to 719.

In cooperation with the local pandemic policies, Universal Studios Japan will be dropping the number of guests allowed in the park from 20,000 down to 5,000. For the time being only 1/4 of the number will be allowed to enter the park.

Universal Studios Japan posted the following message on Twitter yesterday:


Which is pretty much the same message on their site that says:

With the application of the new coronavirus “Priority Measures to Prevent Spread” to Osaka Prefecture, Universal Studios Japan will significantly limit the number of visitors in order to cooperate with the policies of the government and local governments.
Depending on the situation on the day, it may take some time to enter. We recommend that you visit the venue after canceling the “Priority Measures to Prevent Spread”, which allows you to enter the venue relatively smoothly.

A lot of commenters encouraged Universal Studios Japan to not lose to the “Corona” and supported them in their decision.

According to Kotaku other Twitter outlets and popular sites are showing the opposite reaction:

Many are putting the blame on Universal Studios Japan and Super Nintendo World.

Kotaku offered a “cross section” of translated comments including the following:

“There’s a theory that the high increase of covid-19 cases in Osaka are due to USJ’s Mario.”

“These people are morons. Disney is doing a better job. I’ll never go to USJ again.”

“I went twice during spring break, and [Super] Nintendo [World] was really fun. I stayed safe the best I could and didn’t go into Osaka city.”

“People are coming from all over the country.”

“If you think about all the people working at Universal Studios, and all the people working there through subcontracted labor, I can get why they don’t shut the place down due to the coronavirus.”

“USJ is trying hard [to take social distancing steps].”

“USJ’s theme this year is ‘No Limit.’ As for the rising cases in Osaka as the opening of Nintendo World is being called the source, this theme which is shown in TV commercials in which people are clearly no practicing social distancing is, I thought, a bit much… Yes, I imagine they have production costs and contracts, and I love USJ, but as one would expect, considering the timing, there’s no choice but to think this looks rather insensitive.”

You can read more of the comments on Kotaku.

Guests with tickets are being given the following information (via their ‘translated’ page.)

The purchased admission ticket can be used on the scheduled admission date, but it may take some time to enter.
In addition, you can change the date from the day after the scheduled admission date to the 90th day. If you wish, please present the purchased admission ticket (same-day ticket, advance ticket) or admission reservation ticket to the guest service on the day of your desired admission date (within the period when the above date can be changed). Please enter.

* Group tickets before ticket exchange will be accepted at the group sales (group reception) on the right side of the ticket booth.

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Sources: Nintendo of Life, Kotaku

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