Universal Studios Florida Theme Park Photo Report (from October 31st, 2022)


Halloween often serves as a special day at Universal Studios Florida theme park. For example, the final night of Halloween Horror Nights 2022 falls on Halloween. I found myself surprised, when in that park on Halloween, by how many people were attending that had not been to Universal Orlando ever before. Many of them came to attend Halloween Horror Nights on Halloween specifically. In addition, Universal Studios Florida became like Christmas for Halloween Horror Nights fans when 70% discounts were extended for most Halloween Horror Nights merchandise.

Since Halloween Horror Nights would be having the last evening on Halloween, guests could still say hello to “Lil’ Boo” if they know where to look.

The construction of the rumored new “Villain-Con” attraction continues to show progress. More metal structures can be seen now. The blue Minion-decorated contraction walls persist in amusing some guests while also limiting the flow of traffic in that area.

Nearby, the rumored upcoming “Minion’s Café” shows work still being done. Yet, those blue walls stick out a noticeable amount also making passing through this area at a busy time challenging.

By the time you read this, the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute store will be closed. This merchandise location will be converted into a holiday-themed Tribute Store soon. With the Universal Orlando holiday celebration 2022 beginning on November 12th, we should expect a new Tribute Store at least by then. The Tribute Store (and the Five and Dime store) has a sign out front for people to sign up and pay to have their picture featured in the holiday Tribute Store for only $129. This type of promotion has been connected with the Tribute Store many times.

Our dear friend, the Revenge of the Mummy, continues to limp along in technical rehearsals. I rode this coaster on Halloween. The system worked fine. Yet, some electronic elements still seemed a bit out of sync.

The Hello Kitty store received a remodeling recently. This led to rumors of this store closing. A better-sourced rumor involves this store reducing the “Hello Kitty” merchandise even more. However, the store looked fully functional on Halloween.

I mention the next update since many people continue to ask about this meet and greet. the Shrek and Donkey meet and greet area moved to Kid Zone area this past summer.

The arrival of monster-size cookies happened a few days ago at Universal Studios Florida. In that theme park, you can find these desserts at Studio Sweets near the front of the park.

Finally, we still have no signs of life at the Williams of Hollywood store and the Dark Room along Hollywood Boulevard. Both have been closed for a while with Williams of Hollywood being closed far longer. The most likely rumor of future plans connects making a new merchandise opportunity here involving these two spaces.

Thanks for taking this update journey around Universal Studios Florida. Perhaps we will do this again sometime. I hope you had a fun Halloween.

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