Universal Should Consider A Nintendo ‘Animal Crossing’ Area in Epic Universe


Wouldn’t it be fun if Universal and Nintendo teamed up for an Animal Crossing section in Epic Universe? There were already rumors about Pokemon and they do have land set aside that hasn’t been assigned to intellectual property yet. This article is an Op Ed piece about how that could be something.

Last night, during our live-stream on our, more adult, sister YouTube Channel, Clownfish TV, we were discussing how it would be “epic” if Universal Orlando and Nintendo added an Animal Crossing area. Then there was a debate on if they had to choose one which one would they choose: Pokemon or Animal Crossing. I argued Pokemon would probably be chosen because it has years of characters and content and I really would love to see a Pokemon Snap ride (and it’s one people would ride again and again for better pictures.)

But it’s still an interesting idea to think about what an Animal Crossing park would be like. My husband said they could even do something similar to what EPCOT does with Flower and Garden Festival, because planting flowers are a big part of the game. Or why not throw in some Festival of the Arts type activities because crafting and now their Redd the Pirate sells art work, they just don’t have Figment on it.

I joked that to keep it authentic Tom Nook could always be shaking you down for bells, but in a fun, and nice way.

Attractions could be based on the islands themselves, or flying to the islands, catching shooting stars, Building your house, or escaping spiders and scorpions. But no matter what there would have be a virtual fishing element for sure. You can try to get fish that aren’t a sea bass. Who knows, but it could be fun.

Personally if they could only choose one I still think Pokemon would be the better choice, but Animal Crossing is breaking all kinds of sales records. There are tons of message boards dedicated to it. Animal Crossing fashion design has taken over the internet. People are selling villagers on eBay and there’s a market for trading items or bells for better turnip prices.  I could see it being quite the draw as it’s incredibly popular.

It’s all wishful thinking at this point and we do know that Epic Universe has already been delayed over the shut-downs. Maybe they could get some more planning done in the interim. Universal is going to kill it with Nintendo and Super Mario World, if they had Pokemon and/or Animal Crossing too, they could possibly dominate.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

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