Universal Orlando Patents New Sanitizing Methods for Ride Vehicles, 3-D Glasses and More


Earlier today we mentioned a couple of patents that Universal Orlando had previously filed, but this one could be a very important clue into what parks could do to sanitize ride vehicles and other items, to speed up the wait times when the parks re-open.

We already know that Universal Orlando Resort CEO John Sprouls, had offered several ideas towards re-opening safety in the task force meetings yesterday. One of the ideas was that ride vehicles would be sanitized between riders. This could definitely apply to this situation. He also had other suggestions that you can read HERE.

According to Orlando Park Stop (which is a great site that we recommend) Universal has filed a patent for technology to sanitize ride vehicles, goggles and more.

Ride Glasses

If you’ve ridden attractions at parks that require glasses then you know how after you ride the glasses are collected and then sent away to be sanitized and returned for more riders.

This patent design seems to indicate that glasses could be sanitized inside the vehicle. One idea is that guests could place their glasses into a compartment that would clean them before the next guests would load and they could pull them out of the compartment to ride the attraction. Or, if the items would need longer downtime, they could rotate through an internal system to rotate and clean.

Or one door could be where glasses are put after the ride and another door is where the fresh pair open up. They would rotate so the glasses could be cleaned throughout the ride for the next passenger.

It could use some kind of spray or UV light or even both to sanitize the items.

Ride vehicle consoles, knobs, lap bars, and more:

Universal Orlando already considered how this could also apply to high contact areas like knobs, handles, lap bars, etc. The idea is that the panels used have four sides, kind of like a rotating secret door in movies. When one side is in use the other sides are being sanitized. Then a ‘clean side; will rotate into place for the next guest.

Given how things are going now, this might be the perfect time to put some of these ideas into action. Of course we might not see the ideas applied until later, but with the rides needing cleaned more often for parks to re-open, perhaps they can come up with a way to use this idea and apply aspects of it quicker.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Orlando Park Stop




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