Universal Orlando Patent For A Vehicle That Is a Hybrid Ground and Gondola Vehicle


Several Universal Orlando Patents have been posted on the Universal Orlando Automated Permit Bot Twitter account. Previously we looked at an Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality ride vehicle, but now this one is for a hybrid vehicle that can traverse the ground and utilize a gondola system.

According to the patent:

..an autonomous vehicle configured to drive along ground surfaces within the multiple separated park areas, and a gondola system configured to transport the autonomous vehicle between the multiple separated park areas.

So a vehicle that drives along the ground and then can be transported to other areas via a gondola system that attaches to the roof of the vehicle.

They have presented two ways of doing this.

The first one makes the gondola hook part of the vehicle.

In this image the patent states “The amusement park system further includes a control system configured to operate the autonomous vehicle to engage with and disengage from the gondola system to facilitate transport of the autonomous vehicle by the gondola system.”

The second one makes the gondola hook attach to the vehicle as needed.

“..  The gondola attachment includes a locking tool configured to engage with and disengage from the gondola system. The autonomous vehicle transportation system further includes a controller configured to maneuver the vehicle into an engagement position relative to the gondola.

Either way this is such a neat idea. It kind of reminds me of the vehicles that drive on land and then can go into the water as boats, but these fly into the air instead.

I hope they implement this one!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources: A Friend, WDWinfo, Twitter


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