Universal Orlando Mardi Gras King Cake


Hard to visualize a Mardi Gras celebration without “King Cake.” As a result, Universal Orlando offers several themed “King Cake” items. At two different New Orleans themed tents, guests may buy the Universal Orlando Mardi Gras version of “King Cake.”

For true New Orleans Mardi Gras fans, these cakes fail to meet anything resembling your version of “King Cake.” Also, for Louisiana Mardi Gas veterans, the “baby” resides on top of the cake to avoid any choking hazards at Universal Orlando.

However, the “King Cake” at 2022 Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando provides guests a solid dessert that they will hopefully share. The menu description reads “Traditional King Cake with cinnamon swirl icing and colored sanding sugar.” These cakes cost $12.99. As you might expect at this price point, the portion size is large.

This cake fails to be traditional by true Mardi Gras standards. Yet, by theme park standard, this year gets closer to that. This cake should be described as a gigantic cinnamon roll covered in frosting with Mardi Gras themed sprinkles.

So how does it taste? In simple terms, the overall flavor rates as good. The cake/cinnamon roll portion was soft. The roll features layers of cinnamon. The cinnamon swirl icing makes a nice touch covering this cinnamon roll. The layer of frosting can be thick so be prepared. Some guests felt the frosting was super sweet. I think the cinnamon roll itself should help with that.

The super crunchy sprinkles on top look good and taste okay. The sprinkles will lead to a potential mess. I decided to use a fork and knife to enjoy this “King Cake” due to that fact.

Overall, this year’s “King Cake” earns a much higher rating than last year’s version. I wish they would call it a “King Cake Cinnamon Roll” to reduce confusion for people familiar with exact standards for traditional New Orleans style King Cake. Still, we are attending an event at a theme park so we should expect some variety from the original. If you want to feed a few people a Mardi Gras themed dessert, this “King Cake” provides a good choice. When split between two or three people, the price point will not hurt your bank account as much. Since we are talking about King Cake, let the good times roll!

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