Universal Orlando Leaving Bananas Around the Park and Rumored Shrek 4D Replacement

The Shrek 4D attraction closed on January 9th, 2022. Outside the attraction after it experienced a technical delay in the last hour of operating hours, a large crowd developed. At one point, some of crowd waiting sang Smash Mouth’s Allstar in honor of Shrek.  Cheering for Shrek happened periodically also from the crowd. Then at 7:07pm that night, after official park opening, the crowd entered in to enjoy the last experiences at Shrek 4D. After this Universal even allowed guests to keep their Ogre 3D glasses.

For those of you concerned, the Shrek themed meet and greet area will continue even after the closing of Shrek 4D. if you wish to see Fiona, Shrek, and wisecracking Donkey, they will continue in their current location.

When one attraction closes, another one will open, right? In this case, the rumors of the replacement have floated around for an extended amount of time. Some people speculated a Trolls attraction. A more logical suggestion proposed involved The Secret Life of Pets attraction being copied from Universal Studios Hollywood for Florida location.

Photo from Universal Orlando

However, Universal Orlando appears to have been leaving clues. Universal Orlando’s social media constantly posts. You may not always like them, but you can’t deny Universal Orlando’s got style. Their social media team has been leaving half eaten bananas in the park. They then proceed to post curious things about them. Based on previous patterns, Universal Orlando posts very little without purpose. In last few days, they have posted three different banana photos.

Photo from Universal Orlando

The most substantiated rumor for replacement for Shrek 4D directly involves creatures that love bananas. Though, I have issues with leaving half eaten bananas, you do not need Sherlock Holmes deduction to figure the clues out. Minions would never leave a banana half eaten but they love bananas. The rumor of a walkthrough style attraction fitting theme of Villain-Con from the Minion movie fits all rumors and clues.

Photo from Universal Orlando

We will find out for sure soon. Another solid rumor developed recently that on January 10th, 2022, an announcement of Shrek 4D’s replacement will be done. When/if that happen, check back with piratesandprincesses.net for more information. Since construction walls went up around Shrek 4-D on morning on January 10th, 2022 with minion designs on them, I think we have plenty of clues.

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