Universal Japan Will Open Super Mario World on February 4, 2020


We finally have an opening date for the highly anticipated “Super Mario World” in Osaka, Japan. The opening date has been announced as February 4, 2020!

The park has cost an estimated $580 million dollars to create and is filled with shops, walk-through attractions and rides.  You can even collect “virtual coins” like in the game by wearing special wristbands.

From the translated version of the Universal Japan site:

“The area experience is further enhanced with the “power-up band”!

With the “power-up band” in hand, let’s enjoy the adventure of the vast Mario world consisting of many layers!
With a “power-up band”, you can experience key challenges and collect coins and digital stamps as you play in the area! In addition, there are plenty of fun gimmicks that satisfy the playfulness of adults as well as children.

* By linking with a smartphone, you can check your score such as collected coins and stamps.
* You can enjoy it without a smartphone. At the checkpoints in the area, you can check a part of the play content and the score.
* At the WEB ticket store, you can purchase the “power-up band” together with the “Universal Express Pass with area admission ticket”

Let’s take a look!

“Mario Kart ~ Bowser’s Challenge ~

Race with Mario Kart! (here’s the translated write up)
The world of Mario Kart, a number of amazing courses will appear in front of you! Throw these and push forward with Mario and Princess Peach while repelling the enemy! The world’s first * Mario Kart experience that comes true with the latest technology unique to the park is exciting and exciting!

* In-house research at Mario Kart and its world-themed theme parks, original attractions, and game facilities


You enter into Bowser’s castle and move up steps to a giant statue!

The vehicles fit 4 players and you get a VR headset to wear. The track is split into two teams so you will be competing against other players.

Yoshi Adventure: (Here’s the translated write-up)

“Yoshi to the adventure
ride on the back of Yoshi, step-by-step Toad captain, starting to your treasure hunt adventure! Relying on the map that the captain forgot, he will find three eggs lurking here and there. Look at the mushroom kingdom from Mount Beanpole, meet those cute girls, and have a lot of fun!”

Power-up band key challenge (Here’s the translated write-up)

Get the Golden Mushrooms back from Bowser Jr.!
Golden mushroom was stolen by Bowser Jr.! Defeat enemies around the area and get 3 keys! The exciting boss battle with Bowser Jr. is waiting for you after collecting the keys. Can you safely get the golden mushrooms back! ??

* A power-up band is required for the experience.
* A power-up band is charged.

The reporter from Bloomberg did mention that it is relatively small and they wonder how it’s going to meet demand. They are limiting tickets and capacity. Plus they are doing a preview for Annual Pass members and Club Universal members.  Also interesting is that she mentioned that like Orlando’s Epic Universe, Universal Japan is rumored to be building a Donkey Kong land “next door.”

I can’t wait to see this!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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