Unhappy Travelers Claim Issues like Dead Bugs and a Used Condom Ruined Their Disney Trip

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It’s been all over the news lately.

A married couple from the UK brought their twin special needs boys to Walt Disney World and had their trip “ruined” by dead bugs, exposed wires and a used condom on the bed.

According to Fox News:

“Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice took their two adopted sons, Levi and Lucas, on a Disney World holiday costing nearly $13,000, the Mirror reports. The two boys are autistic and don’t speak, along with suffering from epilepsy and asthma.”

According to Michael, who spoke with the Mirror, “Straight away you could see the room was dirty then we saw a dead cockroach, which was quite big. There was lots of exposed wiring. Our boys have no sense of danger, so they could easily stick their fingers in that.

They continued:

After claiming that the room was too dirty to even let a dog into, he continued, “It’s been a holiday from hell so far. Dead cockroaches and other bugs in the room, broken lights with exposed wires and, worst of all, a used condom on the bed. The boys could have stood on the cockroach and could very easily have touched the condom if they dropped their bouncy ball down the side of the bed. That’s what shocked us. We’ve not just booked any old hotel. We’ve purposefully booked this resort and spent a vast amount of money to make it all magical and special.

Of course they complained and were moved to another room at the Caribbean Beach Resort, but that wasn’t satisfactory either so they ended up at the Grand Floridian. Amazingly, the upgraded room was fine.

Look, we here at Pirates and Princesses are known for being honest about what we think of Disney. We like Disney, but we try to be fair. In the spirit of that I am going to side with Disney on this one.

Bugs in the room. It happens. It’s Florida. Dust around or under the fridge or a cover missing on the wall, sure it happens. I too am asthmatic and Florida in general can be a struggle for me, but I still have stayed in these rooms without too much trouble.

Are the rooms always immaculate? No. But truly don’t believe this story 100%. Because as it turns out the couple in question have been to Disney resorts before and this isn’t their first foray into complaining their way into “enhanced vacations.”

A Disney Spokesperson released this statement:

“This family has received compensation from us numerous times over the past five years, and they continue to return. Regarding their current visit, we believe the guest claims are exaggerated, and again took several steps to enhance their vacation.

According to Michael “It’s supposed to be magical, once in a lifetime, but that was like a one-star bedsit.”  But wait, it apparently wasn’t a “once in a lifetime” trip because this has happened “numerous times over the past five years” according to Disney. Yes Disney does keep information like that.

If I went to a hotel and this happened, and I was given all the comps I might complain on Yelp, but I doubt my first response would be to go to the media!

But not these two, apparently they are all about being in the media.  According to the Mirror: “They appeared on the BBC programme Shop Well For Less as they tried to save up cash to go on the dream trip.

They admitted to presenters Alex Jones and Steph McGovern that they regularly spent thousands on making Christmas special for their foster children.

The couple also campaign for better access to cannabis-based medications on the NHS and have appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the topic.

Michael is an ambassador of charity  MY AFK – formerly known as Action For Kids – and is a speaker on disability.

I am 100% on board with them fostering over 20 kids. I love that they speak out about disabilities and inclusion, but I’m sorry this whole Disney thing seems off.

Disney is not always the best. I think they massively inflate their prices on rooms, compared to similar options outside their “kingdom,” and sometimes the rooms aren’t immaculate, but I don’t know if I completely believe this story.

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Sources: The Mirror, Fox News

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