UK Theme Park Podcasters Speak About New Testing Procedures


In recent days, travel regulations to enter (or re-enter) England have added stipulations. These stipulations were enhanced in apparent response to the Omicron variant of the virus. You can read more about that here.

As a result of this change, I messaged a few theme park podcasters that are based in the UK. Now, I did not ask every podcaster. For full disclosure, I asked podcasters whom I have been on their show in some capacity and/or regularly interact with them on social media. The question I asked was as follows: “regarding new return restrictions/testing for UK travelers, is that going to stop you from booking future travel internationally?”

In fairness, several of these podcasters have cancelled and rebooked numerous flights during the time of travel ban to USA.  I desired some insight about frustration level in their attempts to return to Orlando area theme parks. I desired perspective on need to potentially self-isolated would adjust their plans. For those of you unaware, travelers from England tend to visit Orlando for long time periods than their USA counterparts. A two-week trip resides as standard UK theme parks vacation. 14-day trip is so common that some Orlando area theme parks offer a 14-day form of ticket media for UK guests. Here are some of the podcasters responses to my question:

Lee Mallaby of Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast expressed no change in perspective based on recent testing requirement change. Now, I expected an answer like this from Lee. Poor Lee and family have made numerous efforts to return to Orlando. These have ended in cancellation for numerous infuriating reasons. Since any listener to his podcast are aware of the long time until his next planned trip, Lee fits a common category of people waiting until this virus thing is complete.

Another veteran UK based theme park podcaster, Nic Roberts, conveyed a similar thought. Nic Roberts hosts several podcasts in the After Dark Podcast Network such as That Disney Parks Podcast and That Universal Podcast. He stated he would be delaying trips to Orlando but not because of testing rules. He said “I just don’t see an end in sight for disrupting travel anywhere, and certainly not before summer. I’m hopeful for HHN (Halloween Horror Nights) again. 3rd times a charm.”

Now, responses to my query may be clouded by how soon one’s next trip from the UK to Orlando will be. For example, Phill Guard, of Epic Florida Project Podcast, plans to fly to Orlando perhaps before you read this. He clearly stated that the new testing concerned him. Yet, he would be flying to USA with no concerns. Still, I know he has expressed concerns that the border might close again. Either way, that theme park fan hopes for the best.

Another UK based podcaster who has experienced cancelling vacation plans to Orlando area is Ryan Ogilvie. He hosts, with his buddy Dan, the Theme Park Trader Podcast. He replied “For us personally it doesn’t make too much of a difference because we can just take a couple extra days of holiday. I work from home anyways so it’s not an issue. That being said… this will stop a lot of people travelling to America as it makes a 2-week trip even longer. Many companies won’t allow employees to take more than 2 weeks at a time.” Having listened to Ryan talk about the frustration of the previous travel ban, I found it interesting that he felt this could reduce travel form UK to Florida.

Another UK based podcaster that agrees with Ryan’s perspective is Tom Acres of Park Rush Podcast. Tom responded to my question this way: “Right now, we can still travel anywhere that’s not on the red list, which was empty until yesterday and now there are just over half a dozen southern African countries on it. It would definitely make me think twice over the next few weeks, but too early to say whether booking something for next year would be sensible or not. I would hope it’s okay! And PCR tests have come down in price as well, so hopefully the providers don’t take the mickey and hike them now.

I have felt bad for many of these theme park fans from overseas due to previous travel ban. The difficulty of hosting weekly podcasts about theme parks had grown ror UK based podcasters. Latest circumstances add to the potential length of time that several international theme park fan must endure. Only time will tell how this situation evolves.


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