Two New Voodoo Doughnuts for June 2022 at Voodoo Doughnut Universal Orlando.

Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando

Whether you love Voodoo Doughnut or think it is overrated, you must admire their commitment to seasonal doughnuts. This month, that pattern continues. However, this month guests get two seasonal doughnuts for June. First, we get the “Pride Bar” in honor of Pride month celebrations. As expected, in a Voodoo and Universal collaboration, guests may buy the “Jurassic World” doughnut.

Starting with Jurassic World one, Universal Orlando started promoting this doughnut on June 8th. The Jurassic World Dominion movie was released this month worldwide. These doughnuts cost $3.75. That price point ranks as standard for the seasonal doughnuts here. Traditionally, these seasonal doughnuts are raised yeast bar with incredible appearance and super sugary filling within. This doughnut varies from that pattern some. This well decorated doughnut starts with a yeast round shell. Within this shell guests taste blueberry filling. The doughnut comes topped with vanilla frosting. Yes, vanilla frosting despite the appearance. A solid impressive Jurassic World logo adorns the very top of the doughnut. This doughnut will be available until June 25th, 2022.

Photo courtesy of Jill Levett

My friend, Jill Levett, tried this doughnut recently. She stated that the blueberry filling was very nice and not overly sweet. Voodoo can sometimes overwhelm guests with sugary fillings but not in this case. However, she did warn that the vanilla frosting and Jurassic World logo portion was good but far too sweet for her preference.  Another of my theme park friends, Jeremy Stein, Main Street Magic Podcast, tried this doughnut. He enjoyed it. He did find the blueberry filling took a bite or two to reach. This sometimes happens with Voodoo on their yeast shell doughnuts. He felt this doughnut offers plenty of wonderful flavor.

The second June doughnut is the Pride Bar. These cost $3.25. Also, this one fits the standard pattern for seasonal Voodoo items. The menu description reads “yeast bar filled with Bavarian cream, topped with vanilla icing, and (a) rainbow.” As odd as this sounds, this doughnut tastes like a standard Voodoo doughnut. In fairness, Voodoo does certain things very well. Also, I feel they excel at the raised yeast doughnuts with filling. Sure, not every doughnut hits a home run. Still, Voodoo does a good job with yeast bars with Bavarian cream. Bavarian cream might be the most common filling for Voodoo. This doughnut should be around through the entire month.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

If these doughnuts sound interesting to you, make sure to visit Universal Orlando soon. These doughnuts will not be around forever.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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