Twitter Wants Disney to Move Disney World Out of Florida


Some Twitter users want Disney to move Walt Disney World out of Florida to protest Governor Ron DeSantis stripping Disney of its special status.

No, we’re serious. These users apparently think it’s just that easy to move Walt Disney World to another state. Like a carnival or a circus.

Below are a handful of tweets we’ve found proposing the idea, with some usernames blocked out because… well… I wouldn’t want to own up to unironically tweeting this.


Even accounts that are likely against DeSantis are telling Twitter to just… stop. It’s embarrassing.

Others have been pointing out that suggesting Disney World move makes as much sense as Patrick suggesting Bikini Bottom get “pushed” out of harm’s way in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

Walt Disney World sits on 25,000 acres — around 43 square miles. That is the same size as the entire city of San Francisco! Walt Disney World is big enough to have its own zip code.

It’s taken 50 years for WDW to grow to the size it is right now. You can’t just throw it into the back of a U-haul and move it to another state.

While some attractions have been moved from one Disney park to another (such as the Carousel of Progress) there is absolutely no way Walt Disney World could be moved intact. Disney would have to completely shutter Florida’s largest employer, and start over elsewhere to the tune of untold billions of dollars.

While it’s not completely impossible, the odds of this happening are… not very good.

Then again, Twitter often isn’t very good at thinking things through to their logical conclusion.

[Source: Twitter]

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