Twitter Users Want Evangeline Lilly Fired from the MCU


Ant-Man and the Wasp actress Evangeline Lilly is in hot water with Twitter users again for calling out Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his treatment of ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers, and asking that he simply listen.

The ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests and blockades began on January 22 in reaction to Canada’s vaccine mandates.

Lilly, who is from Alberta, took to social media over the weekend to ask that Trudeau listen to truckers’ concerns instead of using police and the threat of freezing bank accounts to compel them.

Part of Lilly’s video, which originated on the Instagram account Bridge City News, is transcribed below…

“If you’re so convinced of your own reasons for the mandates, sit down and walk the leaders of a group of 2.3 million protesters across the country who represent many millions more across the nation, and explain it to them and ask them to listen with open hearts and minds, and then reciprocate. Listen to what they have to say with a mind open to hearing things that might go against the ideas you are entrenched in.”

Lilly, who also made headlines a few weeks ago for attending an anti-mandate rally in Washington, D.C., is not making friends with (predominately left-wing) Twitter.

Now Twitter users are calling for her to be recast, as they did with Shuri actress Letitia Wright before her.

And with Chris Pratt.

And with Gina Carano.

And with Rosario Dawson.

You get the idea.

Basically, if your politics don’t align with the most vocal Twitter users, you should be “cancelled.”

Some users are calling for The Wasp to be recast. Again, like Letitia Wright and Rosario Dawson before her.

Here are a few examples…

Would Disney actually recast The Wasp in light of the controversy?

It’s true that Twitter calling for actors and actresses to be “cancelled” has worked in the past, but companies seem to be wising up to Twitter’s tactics. A recent example is calling for Dave Chappelle to get cancelled from Netflix, and Joe Rogan to be cancelled from Spotify. To date, neither “cancellation” attempt has worked, and their respective companies have even defended their freedom of speech.

Former Mandalorian star Gina Carano is the most notable example of Twitter outrage getting its way. Guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn was cancelled, and then “un-cancelled” a few months later.

These are politically polarizing times that we live in, and for studios, there really seems to be no way to win this. But if Disney fired every actor Twitter found objectioable, they’d have a lot fewer movies coming out.

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