Twitter User Is Upset At Lack Of Answers About Galactic Starcruiser Experience


Apparently at least one guest is very confused about their upcoming Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser trip and lack of answers to their questions. They took to the Twitter to discuss their experience.

According to Twitter user @JennyENicholson she has been having trouble getting straight answers about her upcoming cruise to a galaxy far, far away. It could simply be that the Cast Member on the phone really doesn’t know.

Here’s what she says:

I just got through on the phone to Starcruiser and genuinely could cry at the answers I got lol. They don’t have the answers yet to any of my questions. I don’t even have any answer as to whether or not I can film on board

The answer to whether the upcharged experiences are a necessary part of the experience is “maybe.” They aren’t allowed to say. Whether or not I’ve booked them ahead of time *might* impact whether or not I’m allowed to be set onto one of the storyline paths, but might not.

Choices I make before I arrive might actually bar me from some of the activities or experiences, but they aren’t allowed to say for sure, or for which ones. And if I miss things I can always book again and come back.

I’m not trying to shade the cast member on the phone who as always was extremely enthusiastic and professional, I’m sure he told me as much as he knows or is allowed to say. I’m just so frustrated by disney’s refusal to give any consistent information even this close to the trip.

I’m sure that the person on the phone was nice, they almost always are. They only could say what they know or are “allowed to say.” But, these are pretty simple and valid questions to ask. She basically wants to know is the upcharged experiences are necessary and if they impact what storylines or the ability to be part of a storyline you want to experience.

That is a pretty good question, to which she claims she couldn’t get a straight answer as they “aren’t allowed to say for sure.”  If you miss something you can always come back and what, pay another $4,800 – $6,000 entry level to do so?

I know many guests will have these questions. I’m sure their waiting for the embargo to lift to actually answer questions, which sucks for people going in the beginning. I get trying to keep the mystery, but it’s all going to be released soon anyways. Just answer questions Disney.

Plus there’s the rumor that has been going on that you can’t film on board the experience and she tried to get an answer to that question and wasn’t given an answer.

She even added:

I would think that! I kind of assumed the no-filming thing was a rumor started by the preview/test voyages, who of course are usually told not to take photo or video. So I was expecting to get an easy yes when I asked over the phone and was super alarmed not to.

If one is spending $4,800-$6,000, entry level, for a less than two day experience, they should be entitled to answers to basic questions.

Hopefully we will get some answers soon. But it seems like what you pay for does impact your experience. Shocker.

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Source: Drunk3PO

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