Twitter Once Again Tries to Cancel Brie Larson This Time Over The Metaverse


It seems that Twitter has once again turned on Brie Larson over her use of cyber culture. Previously they turned on her for promoting NFTs and now they are mad that she is her own space in the Metaverse.

Apparently the ‘Captain Marvel’ actress has set up a Some Place space in the Metaverse and there are a lot of vocal anti-NFT, anti-crypto, anti-metaverse people on Twitter. Which is ironic given that Twitter is supporting NFTs. I guess they aren’t mad enough to actually quit the platform but they can get mad at celebrities instead. Cyber culture is alright when it gives them a place to yell from, but terrible if anyone else uses it.

But back to the story.

Brie Larson posted this Tweet:


Her fans are not happy about it, but given that she knew they were salty about her NFT she is still doubling down–clearly she doesn’t care what they think.

Here are some of the angry tweets (there are many more):

Oh this one I could see happening!

I don’t think she cares:

Some are defending her as well:

Valid point here.

It’s interesting to watch for sure. Some of the people that have slammed others for not liking the actress in the past are now turning on her over this. While people who didn’t care for her comments in the past are defending her right to do as she pleases.

Talk about a complete shift.

I’m sure she loves the publicity either way.

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