Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese at Hard Rock Café Review

Hard Rock Cafe

While going through some of my Universal Orlando photos, I have noticed that there are a large percentage from Hard Rock Café in CityWalk. Now, if you are hanging with someone who enjoys burgers, then a trip to Hard Rock Café is a safe move. If you are hanging out with a group that says “Hey, do you want to meet us at Hard Rock Café to eat”, then you say “yes.”

(Photo Credit: Old Soul)

So, what does a part time theme park food blogger order at full-service restaurants visited often? Data shows I, or someone else in my dining party, orders the Twisted Mac, Chicken & Cheese. This menu item will cost you $22.50. It is cavatappi pasta tossed in a four-cheese sauce blend with diced red peppers added. After that, 100% all-natural grilled chicken breast sliced and served on top.

The presentation of this dish is excellent. The very simple sounding dish looks appetizing when it arrives at your table. The aroma of the dish is also pleasing. Now, it is not same as aroma of a steak or a signature burger but still good.

Hard Rock Cafe

When I have enjoyed this dish, the flavor was solid. The servers usually tell customers that is might be spicy. In my experience, the “heat” level is fairly low. The cheese blend is nothing incredible, but it is a nice covering of the pasta. The pasta is cooked well but will not cause you to forget the quality of pasta at Vivo’s anytime soon. Though the chicken is standard issue restaurant chicken, it somehow matches the flavor of the cheesy pasta well.

Now, I am never sure this dish is worth $22.50. The portion size is average for this type of dish. One unexpected advantage of this dish has to do with leftover possibilities. If you are staying on-site and/or at a place with a refrigerator, then this dish can be your lunch the next day. The flavor of this dish is better hot from the Hard Rock Café kitchen. Yet, the taste is not bad fresh from your room refrigerator if needed.

You will need to decide if good mac and cheese with chicken on top is worth $22.50. Personally, I can tell you after several days eating theme park food, it is a nice change.

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