Disney World’s TTA PeopleMover Backs Up Due to Collision



The PeopleMover has been having some issues lately.

According to Sorcerer Radio the cars were backed up and bumping into each other on the attraction today.

In the comments people said this happened last week as well.

Here is an update from the Sorcerer Radio Twitter account…

I don’t think anyone is surprised this is happening. The Tomorrowland Transit Authority having issues is pretty common lately.

The PeopleMover is a very popular attraction with a large percentage of guests riding it every trip. It’s much busier than I remember it a few years ago, so wear and tear is bound to happen.

I just hope it doesn’t go the way of Disneyland’s TTA attraction.

Building new attractions is important, but so is preventative maintenance and updates. We had the Jungle Cruise boat sink yesterday, and the PeopleMover keeps having issues, it even was smoking a few weeks back.

Upkeep matters and I wonder if Disney is spreading itself too thin. It does seem that the parks division make up deficits for other divisions, and maybe they need to do better in other areas so the parks division can use the money to fix and maintain what they already have.

Now the rumors are we will be getting a lot of updates to Tomorrowland, including for the People Mover, after the 50th Anniversary of the Park. Let’s hope they can keep it all going until then. For now “it’s just a dream away.”

What do you think? Comment and let us know.

Source: A friend, Sorcerer Radio on Facebook

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