Tron Exterior Construction Continues While the Interior Waits


It’s a beautiful weekend in much of the country, and unless you’re out in Big Sky Country, there’s a good chance that spring has fully sprung. To celebrate, we’re going to look at some of the exterior progress that Disney has been making with their Tron roller coaster being built in Magic Kingdom.

As you can see, the canopy for Tron is going up at the pace we would expect. As we’ve mentioned before, the exterior work – which shows progress – is in stark contrast to the interior work. Inside the attraction’s main building, we still believe that construction has essentially come to a stop, not to be resumed until at least this fall. Tron releasing in time for the big anniversary celebration (which Disney is now going to promote for a full 18 months) is somewhat likely towards the end, but still a rush.

Tron Coaster Interior Work Ceases

One of the complaints people have made about Tron is the show building itself. Visible in these photos is the gray exterior, which is likely to be seen in many parts of the park. Magic Kingdom aficionados are worried that the building will destroy sightlines with areas in New Fantasyland particularly in danger of having a non-immersive structure rising over the horizon.

Tron itself should be a nice, new E-Ticket attraction for the park… the first since Splash Mountain was built way back in the early nineties. That said, don’t expect Tron to be the most popular ride at Magic Kingdom once the newness wears off. We’re certainly excited about the attraction, but keep expectations in check; this is a ride already present in Shanghai, and while its presentation is superb, the actual coaster experience is short and unimpressive. You’re likely to find a better roller coaster experience down in Hollywood Studios with Rock’n Roller Coaster. That said, it will be a great addition to the Magic Kingdom, and will do a good job of alleviating queue stress from other headlining attractions.

Judge for yourself the quality of the ride in the video below:

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind roller coaster in Epcot continues to be a behemoth of an investment… perhaps the most expensive theme park attraction in all of history. We’ll keep you informed of the latest information on both rides as they continue construction. Keep checking in with us here at Pirates and Princesses, and feel free to leave a comment below — we really do read them!

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