Tron Coaster at Magic Kingdom Unlikely to Restart Interior Construction for Nearly a Year

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Good morning or evening wherever you are. A couple of days ago, we reported here at Pirates and Princesses that the Tron Coaster at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World was being sealed shut for a pause in construction. Today we’ve got some more detail about that situation.

Tron Sealed Shut Article

According to a user at WDWMagic Forums, who was previously accurate months ago about the then unreported pause, Tron will not have any interior work continued for nearly a full year. Seanual757 reports, and it seems to match with what we believe construction crews have been told, that Tron will remain sealed shut until October of 2021. Work will then begin to unseal the attraction’s interior, as well as reverse the actions taken to pause construction. Work towards completing the ride would then be able to continue along.

If you’ve read many of our articles here, you know that often we deal with potentiality (along with a reliable record of accuracy). So again, let’s put the caveat on here that things can change. That said, I do not believe there is almost any chance of construction being renewed inside the building before fall 2021. If changes do occur, I think it’s likely it would be to postpone further, not the other way around. Sealing an attraction in a way that meshes with the rest of the building (such as they have done with the track pass-thru) does not indicate this is likely to be an abbreviated pause.

Disney Parks News has endorsed the understanding that Tron will not be opening in 2021. Yesterday, as our article was a trending news article, Disney Parks News put out a tweet linking to a USA Today article that made it clear Disney does not expect Tron to open in time for the 50th Anniversary of Disney World (October 2021). Given that construction is not expected to continue inside until October, you can assume it’s at least another six months past that point to reach completion. A little bit ambiguously, Disney didn’t clarify if that means Tron will not open for the 50th Anniversary Celebration… if that’s the case, Tron may not open until late 2022.

In our last article on this subject, I noted that this is a financial issue with Disney running low on safe money. If Disney could easily complete the project and have it ready for marketing once travel restrictions are eased and the pandemic becomes less dangerous, I believe for sure they’d love to have some new attractions to bring in the newly allowed crowd. But that’s not happening. I thought a comment we received on that article was intuitive and would like to use it to clarify. James Law commented:

“This doesn’t sound accurate, Disney could sell stock, or issue bonds.”

James is correct. But when we say Mickey is running low on money, you can think of it like this analogy. Let’s say that you’re working on an expansion to your home… let’s say it’s a new in-ground pool. So you start construction, and then halfway through the project, your money situation changes. You’ve got money in the bank, but your income is suddenly lower than expected and you really don’t want to drain your savings. You could sell you car or some other assets, but you decide instead to pause construction on the pool at a certain stage and then you hope to bring back the crews in a year to finish the project. In that situation, you weren’t destitute, you weren’t broke, but you were running low on the cash you used to have. You don’t have finish-the-pool money anymore. Disney apparently doesn’t have finish-the-coaster money anymore. That’s what we’re talking about.

Anyway, let us know you think. We read your comments, we care about your thoughts. Big shout out as well to all of you referencing our articles and crediting us when you use them… there’s a huge community of YouTubers, vloggers, bloggers, etc, that have treated us fairly and we appreciate it.

And as always, come back to Pirates and Princesses for more Disney Parks news!

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