Top Three Things You Should Be Eating At Universal Orlando This Week (November 28th, 2021)


Hopefully you survived the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. This week, food may not rank at top of your priorities. Still, Universal Orlando has you covered this week.

Our first suggestion comes from Universal Studios Florida. In solid holiday fashion, Universal Orlando designed a Santa’s Boot Cake.

The Holiday Tribute Store serves as easiest place to find this on property. The cake costs $10. Calling this a cake will confuse some guests. Chocolate forms the boot. The fillings are placed within this chocolate structure. Universal chefs have designed many treats this year with chocolate structure or domes to place mousse or similar sugary treats within. The quality and flavor of this boot demands some effort to enjoy. The thickness of the chocolate will defeat any mere plastic spoon. Still, the cookies and crème filling tastes just as good as you would expect. The boot lacks being filled all the way so be aware of that. However, any Oreo cookies fan will enjoy this holiday treat.

Holiday Gingerbread

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog


Next suggestion for holiday appetizing food items features gingerbread. In fact, Universal Orlando will gladly sell you a large $6 gingerbread cookie.

Once again, these can be found in several places across the resort. My recommendation would be to buy them from the holiday tribute store. Early reports indicate greater freshness at this location. You can acquire these in squirrel form or in acorn form. Though the cookies are large, they are not too heavy weighing you down as you enjoy your day at Universal Orlando. However, a concern I expressed about these cookies was would they get too solid to enjoy eating. So far, every guest report details how soft these cookies are while enjoying them.

Roast Beast Sandwich

Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

In recent weeks, the “Top Three” has been filled with sugary treats. The third suggestion functions as a savory feast. Wonderfully, the infamous Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-Pendous unveiled a roast beast sandwich for the holiday. This Seuss themed sandwich combines modified French onion flavored roast beef, meatloaf, some secret sauce, and cheddar sauce on a pretzel bun. Also, this creation wears a tiny meatloaf sandwich above the pretzel bun. Since you are dining at a theme park, this beefy concoction includes fries as a side. This sandwich displays a reasonable theme park price for $15.99 total. The holiday season has recently appeared at Universal Orlando. Still, this holiday offering should make many “Whos” in your family very pleased. For a larger review, click here. Happy Holidays to all!

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