Top Three Things You Should Be Eating At Universal Orlando This Week (January 2nd, 2022)


Happy New Year to everyone. Traditionally, this time of year, people make resolutions. If your resolutions involve having more fun and eating better that could be tough. Eating better and fun can function as opposites. If you resolved to visit more theme parks but still eat relatively healthy, then you need some go-to menu choices at Universal Orlando. Fortunately, Universal Orlando offers some excellent nutritious dining options. Today, I suggest three but there are far more.

First, Thunder Falls enthralls guests with numerous non-traditional theme park food options. The rotisserie chicken salad here offers flavor and nutrition. This large salad satisfies most diners. If you find yourself hungry within Toon Lagoon or Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure, walk to Thunder Falls Terrace for dining beyond standard theme park food.

Next, we visit Universal Studios Florida for Universal Studio’s Classic Monster’s Café. Within this monster themed quick service location, another non-traditional menu lives. The menu presently focuses on BBQ type items. Within that menu, guests can purchase a vegan option, the Mummy platter. This jackfruit-based BBQ sandwich creates a potential mess. Still, the overall taste quality earns exploration even if not a vegan diner. A more extensive review may be found here.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

Last, we venture out to CityWalk. We turn into Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. The home of Jimmy Buffet music and a themed indoor volcano offers a solid “healthy” menu choice. The non-exciting titled Grilled Chicken Breast delivers a flavor exploration without too many calories. The combination of chicken, salsa, rice, and corn gives diners a solid meal without killing their calorie counting diet. Meals with low calories and actual flavor rank as uncommon at theme park resorts. Very few guests will state this dish as their favorite one on property. Still, they might claim this chicken dish as consistent compromise between nutrition and enjoyment.

Photo credit: Wandering_Witches on IG

The great news about this week’s suggestion revolves around all of them being year-round offerings. Whether you visit this week or in a week to come, these options will help your diet and dining pleasure.


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