Top Three Things You Should Be Eating at Universal Orlando This Week (December 5th, 2021)


We have fully entered the last month of the year. The weather feels cooler (at night) even in Orlando. You might desire some food that will warm you up a bit. Today, I present three suggestions. All three are relatively new to Universal Orlando. Two of them arrived on their current menu only a few weeks ago.


One of the recurring jokes of theme park media involved never seeing Green Eggs and Ham open in the Seuss Landing area of Islands of Adventure. Almost exactly two years ago, Green Eggs and Ham reopened with a fabulous new menu. In case you are wondering, we do not speak of the old menu!

Since it is Grinchmas season, ordering some “Who Hash” seems appropriate. This “hash” dish features corned beef, onions, white cheese sauce, scallions served over warm crispy tater tots. Just to cap off the themed experience, the dish appears before your eyes in a themed “Who Hash” can for $14.99. If you want to dine like the “Whos”, then this entrée was made for you.


Merely a few weeks ago, Comic Strip Café experienced a total makeover. The key aspect of this makeover starred a new menu. For more discussion of new menu click here.

You can order three types of arepas. Arepas feature cornmeal cake filled with goodness. The goodness offered now are cheese, pork, and beef. These menu items sold well over last year or so at seasonal food truck/tents. We should expect this trend to continue due to their overall quality.


Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

Also at Comic Strip Café, the new menu offers ramen. You can order this dish with pork belly, tofu, or beef. Though reviews have been mixed so far, this non-traditional theme park menu item deserves a try. If needing to sit down and warm up, these bowls hit the spot. Yes, the oddity of Asian food at an old-fashioned comic strip themed restaurant may bother you. Still, theme parks are known to surprise us. Please take the ramen bowl but leave the egg roll.

We hope these menu items bring a smile to your face and warmth to your stomach. While at Universal Orlando, eat like you mean it!

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