Top Three Things You Should Be Eating At Universal Orlando This Week (December 12th, 2021)


The holiday celebration continues in full swing at Universal Orlando. The holiday food options offered during this time of year are impressive in taste and quantity. Even if you enjoyed two or three of these a day, you might need three weeks to taste all of them.

1. Nashville Hot Chicken Mac and Cheese

First, one suggestion comes from a food truck. Some of us have strange fascinations with food trucks. Universal Orlando appears to be capitalizing on this. In the San Francisco area of Universal Studios Florida, one food truck serves Nashville hot chicken. This savory dish might upset your idea of holiday food. Yet, theme park rules override logic sometimes. Based on that, you should try the Nashville Hot Chicken Mac and Cheese. Still, the chicken quality rates high. Also, the mac & cheese base works a solid sidekick to the true kick of the Nashville style chicken. The chicken rates as spicy by theme park standard but we doubt most true fans of Nashville hot chicken would agree. Still, you might be looking for our second suggestion after enjoying this dish.

holiday unioversal orlando 2021

2. Earl’s Jar of Cake

If looking for a sweet treat and/or something to cool your mouth after hot chicken, then you should consider Earl’s Jar Cake. Universal Orlando created a solid treat to modify a little each new Tribute Store with these jars. This season, the cake in a jar arrived in chocolate and red velvet flavor. Though these may be found in many of resort’s bakery cases, the best place to acquire these remains the Tribute Store. Based on the nature of these desserts, guests might find the store selling them buy one get one free. Everyone loves a deal at the theme park. The jars are also reusable but perhaps not dishwasher safe.

(Image Credit: Orlando Park Stop)

3. Cinnamon Cookie Butter Crepe

Central Park Crepes in Universal Studios Florida unveiled their holiday seasonal crepe recently. Initial reviews of this treat describe the new crepe in positive terms. Cinnamon Cookie Butter Crepe cost $9.99 as all sweet crepes do now. Also, this crepe features shortbread cookie mascarpone filling with cookie crumbles within the crepe. One finds at top of the crepe a mixture of cinnamon whipped cream, cinnamon, butterscotch drizzle, and a shortbread cookie.

The holiday food items just keep on rolling with Universal Orlando. If you would like to see previous week’s suggestion, then the links will appear below.

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