Top Three Things You Should Be Eating at Universal Orlando Resort This Week (October 23rd, 2022)


Halloween Horror Nights only has six more nights after today. A difficult aspect of Halloween Horror Nights involves that the houses and props will be gone after October 31st. Now, they might get repurposed. Still, they will disappear forever from this current form. To a less dramatic extent, the Halloween Horror Nights food will be gone also. Though for future events, we will see pizza fries and twisted taters, very few other food/beverage combinations will return for future events. These last few days of Halloween Horror Nights see foodies going back for one more serving of their favorite. This week’s list of suggestions will feature some of those favorites from the 2022 event.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando

I will start with the Haunted Horseshoe. This play on the Midwest USA creation provides a solid portion size. This savory open-faced burger on Texas Toast features jalapeño bacon, spicy candied pork belly, crinkle cut fries, and cheddar cheese sauce. If you were thinking the fries and sauce might be on the side, then you would be incorrect. Everything piled on top of the Texas Toast makes this a horseshoe. Personally, making a sandwich out of garlic Texas Toast creates a special type of comfort food to me.

Next, we will venture to the Meetz Meats area. The Spicy Fried Chicken “Offals” provides a nice Asian style zing to this chicken. This item starts with crispy fried chicken thigh pieces. Then, peanuts, crunchy chili, toasted sesame seeds, and scallions add more flavor and texture. The key ingredient, the spicy gochujang sauce, pulls it all together. These would qualify as spicy, but most people found them manageable and tasty.

Since we need to cool down our taste buds after jalapeno bacon and gochujang sauce, an Asian inspired ice cream treats can be found in Gramercy Park area. The “Major Sweets” Ice Cream Sandwich pays tribute to the key villain in the “Sweet Revenge” scare zone located nearby. This ice cream sandwich combines two zombie candy corn sugar cookies by filling them with sweet corn ice cream. If you experienced being scared in that scare zone, you can passively-aggressively eat your feelings about Major Sweets.

Thanks for joining me on this food journey at Universal Studios Florida theme park. As always, eat like you mean it!

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