Top Three Things You Should Be Eating at Universal Orlando Resort This Week (March 26, 2023)


This week for “Top Three Things,” we will stroll around the French Quarter area of Universal Studios Florida. The Gramercy Park area of Universal Studios Florida typically sells the New Orleans-style classic Mardi Gras food and beverage. Even though some of us look toward Easter Sunday, the Mardi Gras season continues until April 16 at Universal Orlando Resort. On this “Top Three Things,” we will hit the Universal Orlando Mardi Gras classics.

Top Thgree Things

Twisted Taters start the Top Three Things.

Twisted taters have risen to fame at Universal Orlando. They earned a place on merchandise and “Pizza Fries” for Halloween Horror Nights last year. These simple fried and seasoned potatoes often draw a queue. This year for Mardi Gras, these creations come in several varieties.

Twisted Tater with Queso
Photo Credit: Universal Orlando

The Classic Twisted Tater ($8.49)

These fried spiralized potatoes come topped with your choice of seasoning. The seasoning options are seasoned salt, garlic parmesan, sour cream & chives, and ghost pepper.

Twisted Frank ($12.49)

This design features the classic twisted tater stuffed with a foot-long hot dog and your choice of seasoning.

Twisted Frank with Cheddar Sauce ($14.99)

For those looking to have it all, you can order this combination. The twisted tater still comes with the foot-long hot dog and seasoning of your choice. After that, spicy white cheddar sauce covers this Mardi Gras item. At the risk of stating the obvious, get some napkins for this one.

Jambalaya ($6.99)

Photo courtesy of ThrillsTasteTravels

We now move from one Mardi Gars classic to another. The jambalaya at Universal Orlando will not remind anyone of authentic jambalaya. Still, Universal Orlando does an excellent job with this item for the price point. You receive mixed rice, andouille sausage, chicken, shrimp, peppers, and tomatoes topped with crawfish for your money. The overall flavors pair well together. However, it would be best to have a plan for eating crawfish. I will leave that up to you.

Beignets ($6.99)

Of course, we needed to finish with dessert. Since the King Cake at Universal Orlando increased in price to $13.99, we looked elsewhere for dessert. These sweet fried pastries, known as beignets, dusted with powdered sugar, work well for a sweet treat. Sure, you need to be careful not to get powdered sugar all over yourself. Nevertheless, these bring a solid sweet flavor that most people will love.

If you find yourself at Universal Orlando, let the good times roll. For a complete listing of the Mardi Gras items, we have listed them here. As always, eat like you mean it!

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