Top 3 Things You Should Be Eating at Universal Orlando This Week (February 27th, 2022)

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando continues to let the good times roll. In our “Top 3” this week, we will once again focus on Mardi Gras food. We might even cheat by sneaking some beverages into this week’s list of suggestions.

Speaking of which, our first stop takes us to Louie’s Gelato stand in Universal Studios Florida. For this stop, we will discuss the three alcoholic floats.

Photo courtesy of Kimmie Caputzal

In fairness, I did not have any of these focusing on food myself. However, I witnessed several of my group of friends consuming these in my proximity. I got many reliable positive reviews. If this type of item is your thing, give these a shot. Each one costs $14.50 before discounts. The three different varieties are:

-Orange Dream Spiked Float: New Amsterdam Vodka, Gran Gala Orange Liqueur, vanilla gelato, and Orange Fanta®

-Vanilla-Amaretto Rum Gelato Float: Cruzan Aged Dark Rum, Disaronno Amaretto, vanilla gelato, Coca-Cola®

-Triple-Raspberry Gelato Float: 360 Raspberry Vodka, raspberry purée, raspberry gelato, and Sprite®

Our next stop takes us to the Mardi Gras Tribute Store. Within the final room of the Tribute Store, guests may purchase “Cake in a Cocktail Shaker.” In previous Tribute Stores of all varieties, the food and beverage team at Universal Orlando brought us “Cake in a Jar.” This year, they magically changed this idea into a cocktail shaker glass. These items earned popularity quickly since they can be reused as a cocktail shaker in future days after cake within has been devoured.  They come in three flavors: Hurricane, Chocolate Caramel Bourbon, and Margarita. These treats will cost you $18.

Photo courtesy of Universal Food Blog

Last this week, we walk over to the “Fusion/Machine Planet” tent where we found the Ube Bubble Waffle Cone previously. This time we ordered Creole Crab Beignets. Your first reaction might cause you to dislike the sound of those words together. Still, most people enjoyed these non-traditional beignets. Even though brown sugar resides in menu description, do not expect sweet. You should think savory. If you are a fan of cream cheese-based crab dip, these beignets need your attention. For a full review, please click the link here.

Once again, thanks for reading through my suggestions for this week. I will be back next week with more suggestions for your dining enjoyment at Universal Orlando Resort.

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