Top 3 Things You Should Be Eating at Universal Orlando This Week (Feb 6th)

Photo credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Theme Park foodies have finally entered Mardi Gras season. This season brings all sorts of menu items before our very eyes at Universal Orlando. The weekly “Top 3” should overflow with Mardi Gras food for several weeks at least.

On this initial exploration of Mardi Gras food, we will start with breakfast. Over at Royal Pacific Resort, the Islands Dining Room provides a slightly out of ordinary seasonal option. They will serve King Cake Pancakes. These are drizzled with a colorful mix of frosting.

The pancakes feature a lemon and powdered sugar glaze and spiced walnuts.  The walk from CityWalk to Royal Pacific takes ten minutes. With all the yummy sugar these creations contain, a nice walk before and after enjoying them might be wise.

Photo credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Next, we venture into Universal Studios Florida. We take a trek to the Kid Zone area. There, guests find the Southeast Asian food tent. Since we had breakfast, this suggestion works as lunch. The Coconut Shrimp Laksa beckons guests to visit this food tent. The item description reads “shrimp, fried tofu, hardboiled egg, noodles, and spicy curry broth. Based on description alone, this bowl provides some kick for partakers. Over time, we will learn the quantity and quality of SE Asian spice showcased in this dish.

Photo credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Since breakfast and lunch are covered, we will finish the day with a Crawfish Boil. This signature Mardi Gras dish shall be found on other side of Universal Studios Florida near New York area.

This single serve boil includes a mixture of crawfish, andouille sausage, red potatoes, and corn cooked in a Cajun spiced broth. Of course, many standard Cajun spices shall brighten this menu option to create a solid experience. Though we will have to wait and see about some aspects of this food offering, all indications lean towards a quality product. As many Mardi Gras events as Universal Orlando has held, they should have mastered this entrée.

Photo credit: Universal Orlando Resort

Thanks for reading this week’s suggestions. If you are reading soon after publishing, I will be amid trying large amounts of Mardi Gras food. Soon, I will endeavor to update you on my findings. Looking forward to bringing you next week’s “Top 3.” That week guarantees many more Mardi Gras recommendations.

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