Tom Hiddleston Recalls his Pirates of the Caribbean Audition


Actor Tom Hiddleston, best known for playing Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in an interview recalled when he auditioned for the role of Will Turner in the 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean Film.

Early off in Tom’s Career, he would have been about 21 Years Old at the time, Tom called his agent to audition for the role and he received a partly written script the night before the audition. That same evening his friend finished his exams and the two went out drinking.

Hiddleston said:

…my agent called “You’ve got this audition tomorrow, ten o’clock.” And it was five in the evening, and I was like “Ah man, what’s it for?” and he went “It’s this Disney film, it’s a big American franchise, it’s about ships and storms and stuff…and you’re playing the lead.

Tom was relatively new to the film industry, and since he was a London Based Actor he didn’t quite grasp the scale of the Hollywood Based Production. Tom went on to say that he read the script for a couple of hours, and later met up with his friends where they drank heavily. 

The next day came the audition, and here is how he said it went:

The next day I walked in at ten o’clock, very hungover, hadn’t learnt it and did it…we did it a couple of times and the casting director was like “uh huh, okay, okay, well thanks for coming in…

He elaborated on how the Casting Director seemed very unpleased with his audition:

“She said “Why haven’t you learnt it? Why didn’t you learn it? ….I mean this is going to be huge.”

He stated that his only excuse was that he had only received it the night before, which in this industry is not much of an excuse. The Casting Director told him to “Learn it next time” and to “Make more of an effort“. He later laughed and said he learned from that experience.

It would have been an interesting experience seeing the Legendary Will Turner played by the, at the time, upcoming actor, but instead the role was given to Orlando Bloom. Bloom of course was well known for his role as Legolas, in the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Though Tom wasn’t able to break into Disney through the Pirates films, he later was able to though the Marvel Universe playing Anti-Hero Loki.

Sources: Inside the Magic

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