To Disney and the Media, Luke Skywalker Dying Was Not What Most People Had An Issue With


Consider this an Op Ed piece.

Lately a lot of the “pop culture” news sites are going on about how George Lucas planned on killing off Luke Skywalker in his treatment of Episode VIII. The information comes from Pablo Hidalgo’s book “Star Wars: Fascinating Facts,” which apparently includes some information on what George Lucas had planned for the films. The plans that Disney threw away and didn’t use until this book and so they can try to backtrack the narrative.

The spin is that Lucas intended to kill Luke Skywalker himself in Episode VIII so fans complaints about Luke’s death should be unfounded. Except, that’s not the issue most people have with “The Last Jedi.” The issue isn’t that Luke dies, it’s that they turned Luke into a broken hermit who tried to kill his own nephew and acted in ways contrary to his character. Disney kept undoing classic characters to try and make it about their new ones.

Now Disney has made a book, using the treatments that Lucas gave them, the ones they threw out out and caused such a huge rift that Iger had to bring it up in his book and Lucas called Disney “White slavers” over, to claim it justifies “The Last Jedi” after the fact. I don’t know which is more insulting them using the thrown out treatments for this or them saying that this should fix the fan backlash because Lucas was going to kill Luke too.

I just wish they would stop. I could respect them saying something like “We were very excited about our new characters and we wanted so much to make them the focus that we made some missteps in our treatment of the original characters that upset many fans. For that we are sorry. Moving forward we are going to try to understand the franchise and it’s fans better and focus on making products that fit into the world instead of changing the world to fit us.”  But no. Now they are changing how the Force works for the “High Republic” instead and trying to retroactively spin a new narrative about ‘The Last Jedi.”

The reason “The Mandalorian” is doing so well is because they found people that really love and understand the ‘Star Wars’ universe and try to make their stories fit into it instead of making the universe fit their stories. Until the rest of Lucasfilm and Disney learn this it’s not going to get better.

I’ll stick with classic Star Wars, the original Expanded Universe and ‘The Mandalorian’ until they learn their lesson on this.

Oh and Disney, don’t ruin Mara Jade.

If you would like to buy the book you can do so HERE.  Please leave a review because it’s a #1 seller but somehow has no reviews at the time of writing this article.

Kambrea Pratt
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