Tim Allen Tweets About Upcoming Santa Clause Series On Disney Plus


Fan favorite actor Tim Allen, known for his roles on Home Improvement, Toy Story and The Santa Clause, has just posted a small teaser on his twitter account with a blurry image of him in the Santa Claus outfit with the text “So here we go again… HoHoHo!” teasing his return to the role in the upcoming Disney Plus series:

For quite some time it was believed that Tim Allen was somewhat blacklisted from Disney. His series Last Man Standing tried on ABC for its first 6 seasons but was abruptly canceled by the network until being picked up by Fox and aired for another three. His iconic role as Buzz Lightyear also seemed to be snatched from him when it was announced that Marvel actor Chris Evans would voice him in the upcoming standalone Lightyear film from Pixar.

It was assumed that since Tim Allen was an outspoken conservative and known to be registered as a Republican that he was seen as “problematic” by the more “progressive” studio heads and that they wanted him to slowly vanish from television and film. But this appears to not be the case as he will be respiring his role as Santa Claus in a newly announced Santa Clause series for Disney Plus.

This limited series will serve as a sort of Santa Clause 4 with him searching for a successor since he is getting rather up in years. He wants to spend the rest of his natural life in retirement while someone new takes up the role. Nobody else has been announced to rejoin the series but hopefully we’ll get to see fan favorites like Bernard, Charlie, Comet and perhaps even Jack Frost. Sadly we most likely won’t see Tooth Fairy since his actor, Art LeFleur, sadly passed away this past fall.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to one more sleigh ride with Tim Allen’s version of St. Nicholas? 

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