TikTok Video Faces Backlash After Implied Shoe “Hacking” Son’s Height To Get on Disney Rides


In yet another TikTok video showing people breaking the rules, a family demonstrates how they made stacked shoes for their son so he could allegedly ride attractions he was too short to ride. If I am being honest I think this is something that a lot of people try to do. Many try to find shoes or ways to make their children taller so they can ride an attraction they are technically too short to ride. However, this is quite dangerous. Height restrictions are there for a reason and no one wants a child injured on an attraction they shouldn’t be on in the first place.

The video was posted to TikTok showcasing their “hack” on how they made the boy’s shoes taller.


@the.kelly.fam These shoes are a game changer #disney #dadlife #parentsoftiktok #thekellyfam ♬ Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival

They posted the video and it has gotten a lot of attention. However, the comments are mostly far from positive, with almost all responders pointing out how dangerous this was. Some were even tagging Disney in their comments.

And just like a canon, he will be yeeted out of his seat” – wearethemagickingdom

Why I’m suing Disney after my son fell out of the ride” – Lynxxx

Awesome. I’ve always been curious how far a child can fly whe he is flung from a roller coaster because the restraints don’t hold him properly.“- MH

I made my son shoes that help him fly off of roller coasters” – User 468320

So like, do you also let your kid play in traffic, but make him wear a helmet?” – thewhitelion90

We took matters into our own hands and risked his life for the sake of him not hearing the word no”- andreaferret

Sharesse was a Cast Member and watched for these kinds of tricks

as a former CM, CMs will deny you entry for modified shoes. I denied so many kids, sorry not on my watch

Yeah no don’t do this. Bad bad bad” -Disney Central Hub

if only there was a way for him to naturally get taller….” – J

I’ve been to a park where someone was launched out of a coaster to their death because they were too small for the restraints” -what up fellow gamers

After the backlash from the first video the father put up a video in response.


@the.kelly.famJust so we’re clear…♬ original sound – The Kelly Fam

He says that he would “not condone any other parent trying to put their kid on a ride that they are not tall enough of something that is not safe for them.” But they entitled the original video as a “Hack” implying that it was a trick they were sharing for others.

In the video he also claims that the viewers did not see the child riding any attractions, just that he was wearing platform shoes that made him “well over the height.” He also says he wouldn’t do anything to put his kids in actual danger.” Clarification that the child is already tall enough (38″) without the shoes to ride the attraction is given.  But in the original video he posted that his son was a “thrill seeking boy” that is “just not tall enough for the big attractions. But we didn’t want that to stop him from feeling the rush so we took matters into our own hands and crafted a shoe that just might do the trick.” Implying that he was using the shoes to ride “thrill rides.”

The still in the video shows the child below the height marker for a 40″ tall attraction. So yes, he is at least 38″ tall and can fit on some attractions, but the original video focused on how he missed the 40″ mark and the “hack” to make taller shoes. When he mentions the two attractions that his son rode they were both attractions with a 38″ height requirement.

The video was misleading.

Of course the comments sections wasn’t having it:

i cant believe you guys had the audacity to assume that what i said in the video was what i meant” – amber

how dare you be misled by my own words“- Teddi

The ultimate theme park hack” so explain what you meant by that…“-Lindsey

In the dictionary, this is called gaslighting.” – Shari

: literally gave instructions step-by-step on how to do it but doesn’t condone it 😂😂😂” – A

i love how they literally don’t give us all the facts while presenting them as all the facts, then tells us to get the facts straight. yikes 😅” – Krikaka

“I wouldn’t condone something I gave explicit instructions for and called a ‘game changer’.” Did I get that right?“- Allison

Just like with the first video, the comments go on and on.

Just recently the father in question posted another video “apologizing.”


@the.kelly.fam I hope you all hear my heart here! We don’t want to be known for stirring up drama on a social media app. We want to uplift, inspire and entertain folks. As I said on the video, I am a flawed individual that needs Jesus and needs grace every day. I make mistakes every day, and ill be the first to admit them. In this situation, I know my sons were not in any danger, and I know in my heart I would NEVER do anthing to harm or endanger my children or my wife, or any one elses kids. I just want to love people. I tried to give my children a magical experience, and we had an amazing time. Have I handled this situation flawlessly with all the hate we have been recieving? No, I haven’t, but I don’t have any ill will towards any of you. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our own actions, and I can hold my head up high knowing I didn’t put my kids in danger. Ya’ll have a blessed day. #thekellyfam ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

In the video he mentions the “negative publicity” that they have been getting and says that he is a “flawed individual.” He goes on to talk about how his family can attest that he apologizes to them often and he needs Jesus every day. Then he continues saying he makes mistakes and he’s been arrogant at times and prideful at times, but he will be the first one to admit he’s wrong, except when he didn’t and he told everyone else they were wrong.

The video continues with him discussing how he gets defensive when people question his character or his love for his family, which is understandable. Then he discusses how they don’t make a lot of money on social media, and being TikTok that is likely true. However, they aren’t taking down the videos either. He addresses this by saying he would have removed it if he “thought it was wrong.”

He does apologize to those who supported them and backed them up because those individuals got attacked for it. He does not apologize for anything else. The video wraps ups with him saying the family wants to move past this.

I’m sure they do.

To recap. He feels that they did nothing wrong and the video is showcasing nothing wrong. He only feels that he needs to apologize to those that got attacked for supporting him and his family. Then he doubles down on why he isn’t taking the video down. Given the numbers loss and how it would look on the back end I can understand their hesitation to remove it. However, it is still showcasing something that is unsafe and against Disney’s park rules.

Again, the comments are mostly not good:

How not to handle a PR nightmare 📝 taking notes.” – messyasamother

The apology tour continues with Jesus 😂” – W

Apologies actually sound more like this: “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” -W

Initially I thought this was all blown out of proportion, but there are so many 🚩🚩🚩 in these apology videos 😳” Michael

“You didn’t admit you were wrong though 😳” – Kellyjelly

We don’t want to deal with the consequences of our actions” – Brad

I would have removed that video if I thought it was wrong.” And that shows that he is basically saying “I’m sorry you feel that way ” He still doesn’t get it but wants the negative attention to go away.” – amilikestea

Imagine him and his wife practicing this and putting the music to it and then being like yep, that’s the one!” –user6683106988487

Comments continue on like these.

The lesson to be learned here is to not do this “hack.” Even if it was a joke or for views, the implication was that it was being used to sneak their child onto attractions he was too small to safely ride. Don’t do this.

Mistakes were made. But those mistakes are not going to be corrected. That is their choice.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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