TikTok User Says Disney Appropriated His Sculpture Design

(Image Credit: theluckypennyllc)

In another case of Disney being accused of lifting someone’s art TikTok user @monstercaesarstudios has just provided a compelling case for a sculpture he had done being now used as an official Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary piece for sale.

According to the artist he created the sculpture of The Enchanted Tiki Room drummer because he has been a life-long Tiki Room fan. When he shared it with others, they also wanted one and he didn’t want to do it again so he made it into a Creative Commons piece so others could also 3D print the sculpt and “make it for themselves.”

Here’s the post:

@monstercaesarstudios Disney Stole and is selling my work @disneyparks #stolenart #artistontiktok #disney ♬ original sound – Andrew Martin – Sculptor

Now it appears that Disney’s “official” sculpture may indeed be the same sculpt and the artist has several compelling explanations as to why they believe that.

There are many areas in the model that show exactly the same intricacies that his model does including two circles that he left connected, exact “scratches” in the statue that match his design, and even a dent he put in the forehead.

He goes on to say that:

So yeah, Disney’s taking credit for my work and selling it in their parks without my permission, consent or even giving artist credit.

Now I’m going to give Disney the benefit of the doubt here in that they probably did not intend to directly steal my work. These sorts of projects are usually subcontracted out to freelance artists. I know this because I’ve been one of those freelance artists…..so the most likely thing is the thief was some lazy waste of skin, talentless hack, that got himself or herself an easy payday by stealing my work and passing it off as their own. So yeah if you happen to be in Walt Disney World you can buy this Disney branded bootleg of my work. 

Fun times. Do better Disney. Cheers!”

He’s just one in a long line of people who have had things “appropriated” by Disney, from designs on Etsy to the person who had his drawing of “The Tower of Terror” taken, to now this person.

The argument they usually make is that they own the character so it’s theirs. In this case it was listed as a Creative Commons piece, but that usually doesn’t apply to something being used for mass market sales without permission or recognition.

Either way it’s a bad look for Disney and I hope they make it right!

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