TikTok Musician Wrote A Musical For Her Korean Based Disney Princess


Lately a lot of people have been taking Disney to task for lack of representation or lack of orgininality with their constant live-action remakes or reboots. Now, Julia Riew, a Harvard student from Missouri is taking matters into her own hands. She wrote and entire musical with over 15 songs based on a Korean folktale.

Her musical is called Shimcheong: A Folktale. It’s based on the Korean folktale The Blind Man’s Daughter where the daughter “sacrifices everything for her blind father whom she loves dearly.

Riew has been working on this senior thesis project for over a year now. According to her one TikTok video it’s the 22 year old’s dream to work for Disney. I’m going to be honest with you, Disney needs to scoop her up right now!

She’s really good! Check out a clip of her song ‘Dive.’


@juliariew There was no Korean Disney princess so I decided to make my own 🙂 #disney #korean #koreanamerican #disneyprincess #musical #originalsong #originalmusical #musicaltheatre #theater #music #newsong #dreamworks ♬ original sound – Julia Riew

People are now recording their own versions and “duet” style recordings and posting them!

She has posted this in the last 24 hours:


@juliariew To celebrate Lunar New Year this week, here’s the full first verse of Dive 🥰 A lot of people have been asking me, “when Shimcheong does sing this song? It’s not when she’s about to sacrifice herself, right?” The answer is in the comments!!! 👀 #disney #korean ♬ original sound – Julia Riew

Here is another song called “I’m Coming Home”


@juliariew Presenting a snippet from the very first song I wrote for Shimcheong 🥰🇰🇷✨ #korean #disney #princess ♬ original sound – Julia Riew

She is encouraging people to send in art and is sharing the art on her TikTok:


@juliariew Reply to @cc_evans00 Pls send me ur art, I can’t wait to see it!!!!! #disney #shimcheong #korean #disneyprincess ♬ original sound – Julia Riew

Here is some of the art she shared:


@juliariew Korean Disney Princess fan art favs pt 1!!! Which is your favorite? Mine is all of them 😍 #disney #disneyprincess #shimcheong #korean ♬ original sound – Julia Riew

@juliariew It’s time for a fan art round-up! 💕🎨 Thank you so much to all of these incredible artists!!! Pls check out their work!!!! #disney #korean ♬ GRANDKID ROUNDUPP – xiu

When CNN talked to her she had this to say:

For the first time, I have felt such a strong sense of community and belonging, which I’ve always really longed for. I never imagined that something like TikTok … could bring me to a place where I feel such a warm sense of belonging.

She also added:

I think stories are so important for kids. Especially as someone who, as a young person, never saw herself represented in media, or in film, TV or on stage — that was something I always longed for.

I’m writing about this because I think she’s amazing and deserves the spotlight, but I’m also writing about this because I’m so excited to see something new and unique and inspiring. It’s something new and not just a rehash, remake, reboot, etc.  My daughter, who is 14, even commented on how it would be nice to get more original things like “Encanto” or this girl’s story, than another live-action redo.

I thought that many of you would enjoy her work as well.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: CNN

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