Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Has a Connection to an Obscure Animated Thanksgiving Special


If you listen closely to the queue music in Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction, you’ll hear a bunch of familiar American standards.

But a few of those tunes aren’t as well known as, say, Oh Susanna.

One of the lesser known tracks appears to be a rendition of the theme song from Hanna-Barbera’s The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t.

The relatively obscure 1972 animated special featured a talking squirrel named Jeremy that helped a young Pilgrim boy and a Native American boy find their way out of the woods to make it in time for the first Thanksgiving dinner.

The special isn’t nearly as well known as a Peanuts or Rankin-Bass production, but it was rerun for a number of years in syndication and on Cartoon Network’s Boomerang network.

Here is a clip of the theme song from the special…

And if you listen really closely the next time you’re in line for Big Thunder, you might catch a bit of it. You can listen below at the 41:15 timestamp.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was being developing in the 1970s, only a few years after the special aired. Maybe someone in Disney Imagineering was a fan?


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