“Thor: Love and Thunder” Hit The Lowest Rating For A Thor Film


How the mighty have fallen. Marvel’s latest installment in the long running MCU, Thor: Love and Thunder, has now become the lowest rated Thor film in the series and is one of the lowest rated MCU films of all time.

The film briefly had a 65% critical score on the popular review site Rotten Tomatoes. But it was able to climb back up to a 66%, making it tied with 2013’s Thor: The Dark World for the 2nd worst rated MCU film; Just above 2021’s The Eternals

Though it should be noted that Thor: Love and Thunder has a 78% audience score while Thor: The Dark World has a 75% audience score.

The Thor film rankings are now

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) 93%
Thor (2011) 77%
Thor The Dark World (2013) 66%
Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) 66%

Some of the film’s biggest criticisms revolve around the inconsistent tone and there being too much comedy. While some argue that Thor: Ragnarok had too much comedy, Love and Thunder takes that up to eleven. It appears that Taika Waititi’s strategy of making a film that was similar to the previous installment doesn’t always work.

When the fourth Thor film released on July 8th it has been seen as a bit of a misfire. Despite having a strong opening weekend at the box office the film’s profits would plummet week after week. So far the film has only grossed $665.5 Million on a $250 Million budget. Almost $200 Million less than the $854 Million that Thor: Ragnarok made back in 2017.

Some see this as a sign of the overall interest in the MCU going downhill. With a number of films and shows underperforming it appears that the magic that was the “Infinity Saga” has worn off. With Thor being one of the only Legacy characters left in the MCU it looks like Marvel’s Phases 4 through 6 are going to have a rough time ahead.

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