Thor: Love And Thunder Concept Art Reveals A Very Different Gorr


Marvel’s latest MCU film, Thor: Love and Thunder, has been somewhat of a mixed bad. Some liked it, some didn’t. It was doing well in theaters, then profits dropped off a cliff. While the film did have plenty of great action some saw the over reliance on comedy somewhat distracting. Making the film feel inconsistent in certain places.

One thing that did get people talking before the film released was Christian Bale as the film’s antagonist “Gorr the Gog Butcher”. When his official look was revealed many criticized it for not being comic book accurate with it just looking like heavy makeup.

In the comics Gorr resembled more of an extra terrestrial being with a flat nose and tendrils dangling from is head instead of hair. But the look was apparently changed due to the creators not wanting him to be compared to Voldamort from the Harry Potter films.

Some people have wondered what Gorr would have looked had he been more comic accurate. Well some new concept art shows that at one point he was closer to the comics, but not quite the way you might have expected.

Instagram user @aleksibriclot, who apparently worked on the film, showed off some of the concept art that was used for Gorr. This art shows that they were planning on having him keep his head tendrils. But it does kinda make him look like a Twi’lek from Star Wars.

Though it does look more Star Wars than Marvel it is admittedly a more interesting design versus what was in the final film. Had they kept this design you wonder if they would have used a practical prosthetic headpiece or just go the usual CGI route.

What do you think of this alternate design? Would you have preferred it or do you like the way it was in the final film?


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