There Is No $20K Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Room. Here’s What We Found Out


By now you’ve likely heard all about the ‘Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.’ Between the articles and the videos, it’s pretty much all been revealed. One mystery has remained and that is the rumor of the $20k room at the hotel.

I’m not sure where this rumor started, but I know several main stream media outlets have discussed the rumor. If you see the layout there doesn’t seem to be a room like it. As far as we knew the largest, most involved room was the Captains Suite.

(credit: Ziggy Knows Disney)

Our reporter Mike Phalin just called and asked them for more information. Here is what he learned after being on hold for 36 minutes with “..some weird ambient music while you’re on hold. It’s like generic kinda-sorta Star Wars stuff.

The Cast Member on the phone was incredibly nice and apologized for the wait. Said that it has been that way since Friday.  So could be people booking. Could be people canceling. Who knows.

In fact the person Mike talked to said they had a cancelation yesterday for a larger suite that was past their cancelation window and they paid the penalty and canceled anyways. Yikes.

The big question. Is there a $20k room?

No. When Mike asked about the $20k suite he was told they do not have any experience that is $20K.

However there are more expensive suites available but currently they are booked up. You must call about those as they do not show up in availability on the website.

Here’s what we learned about the suites:

Galaxy Suite – It has a private bedroom space and a living area.

Cast Member said on average it is about $1,000 more than $4,800 standard cabin pricing.

Captain’s Suite – Up to eight guests can fit. It’s a Galaxy Suite and standard cabin combined.

The Cast Members said on average it is about $3k PLUS more than $4,800 standard. ($7,800-$10K ballpark average pricing, but depends on travel dates, so could be more. Plus taxes will be added and aren’t included in most base numbers.)

He said the most expensive stay he’s personally booked was for seven adults at around $15K. Unless it was for a full Disney trip outside of just the Starcruiser experience, he didn’t know of any experience that was $20K.

That answers that question.

He also asked about any Honeymoon/Newlywed experiences and they said there is nothing right now like that. I know it’s been speculated that since they have that Han and Leia wedding reboot book they would offer something like that, but they do not.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

One thing Mike asked about was wheelchair accessibility. It’s come up that the area is small and people who need mobility assistance may have some issues navigating or enjoying everything the Galactic Starcruiser has to offer. For the price, this might impact your decision to go aboard.

There are a couple of things that someone using a wheelchair might want to take note of.

Disney does offer modified versions of all their experiences for guests who are in wheelchairs.

Lightsaber training can be done from a wheelchair.

The Bridge Training experience could possible be an issue if one can’t reach the controls. There are apparently three sets of consoles one is a “cannon console” one is a “droid loader console” and there is a third where you fix the ship. As long as it can be reached from the chair you should be good. Otherwise, no.

The cabins do not have a lot of space for ECDs / motorized wheelchairs. The hallways are narrow and it is a tight squeeze, but otherwise it shouldn’t be an issue. But the standard rooms are quite small, as many have noticed in the images. However, the Cast Member said that there is plenty of room and he’s been in there with several other adults and they all fit fine.

So there you have it. Thanks to Mike we have learned all of this information today. Now if you want to book those suites you know how to do so and what the pricing is. If you were concerned about mobility issues this may answer some of those questions for you as well.

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