The XFL And IFL Are Possibly Teaming Up To Share Coaches & Players


The XFL is set to kickoff this upcoming February. It will mark the league’s third outing after the failed 2001 season and the shortly lived 2020 season. The XFL has partnered with Disney and ESPN for exclusive broadcasting and streaming rights.

With the XFL competing with both the NFL and USFL for players the league will have a rough time filling their rosters with high profile players. However it appears that a brand new partnership may allow the league to share both on and off filed staff. That league being the IFL (Indoor Football League).

The IFL began back in 2008 as an alternative to the now defunct Arena Football League (AFL) and currently consists of 16 teams (8 Eastern and 8 Western). The IFL plays a style of football called Arena Football (Or sometimes Indoor Football). Each side consists of 8 players and the field is no bigger than a hockey rink. It makes for a more intense and fast paced game.

When speaking to “Strictly Blizzness” podcast Kathy Treankler, co-owner of the Green Bay Blizzard, said that the IFL have been discussing a potential partnership with the XFL:

So in working with the rest of the IFL owners, and having our guys pilfered by other leagues, we thought let’s team up or try to assimilate with one of those two leagues, and we’ve picked the XFL to join not necessarily a partnership but to let guys go back and forth between the two.

One of the more important highlights from this potential deal includes sharing both players and coaches (since each league operates at different times of the year):

Just some really cool stuff for the players, so when they’re done with the XFL they have the right to come back to us and then visa versa.

This could really be an interesting development for both leagues. More opportunities for talent to gain experience and get exposure.

The XFL will return February 18th, 2023.

Source: XFL Newsroom 

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