The Walking Dead coming to Disney Plus in the UK and Ireland


Yes, you read the title correctly, The Walking Dead, one of the most successful Television Series of the 2010s and one of the most popular Horror Based Television Series, is coming to Disney Plus in the UK & Ireland. More Specifically it’s coming to Disney’s Star Streaming Service 

How can this be you might ask?

Well it’s actually quite simple, in the UK & Ireland The Walking Dead is aired on Fox Channels that were acquired by Disney during the 2019 Acquisition. In recent years Disney has been shutting down a number of their International Television Stations in places like Asia, South America and Europe to help push their Streaming Services. With the Channel that hosts The Walking Dead closing down all shows from that channel are now being offered on the Disney Owned Streaming Service. 

This however does not mean that Disney Owns The Walking Dead, these sorts of international distribution deals happen all the time as certain TV Channels aren’t available in certain parts of the world, so the owner of the series, in this case being AMC (American Movie Classics, not to be confused with the Movie Theater Chain), allowed the series to air syndicated on the then Fox Owned TV Network. With Disney now owning the network and shutting it down the syndication rights now carry over to their streaming service specifically in the United Kingdom & Ireland while AMC still owns the rights to the Franchise.

For those who don’t know, Star is a content hub in Disney Plus made specifically for international viewers. With their Disney Plus account they can pay extra to access additional content such as shows on Hulu, ABC and now from Fox. So this does not mean you’ll just scroll through Disney Plus looking at Cinderella and Pooh then all of a sudden see a mutilated Zombie Face. These are strange times we live in.

Source: The Disinsider 

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