The Vast Majority of Disney’s Blizzard Beach is Mask Free

Blizzard Beach Waterslide

Taking a page from Texas and Mississippi, or perhaps Volcano Bay, Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach water park is not requiring guests to wear masks in the vast majority of its outdoor spaces. While social distancing is required, guests can frolic in the wave pool, sit in floatables of the lazy river, and walk to and from various attractions, all while enjoying a maskless lifestyle.

When entering and exiting the park, guests must wear their masks. They likewise must wear masks when not actively eating or drinking in designated food service areas. It appears that any indoor areas require mask usage. However, when guests are in line, when they’re walking the sidewalks, and when they’re splashing about, it appears masks are out.

I previously criticized Disney for opening Blizzard Beach instead of Typhoon Lagoon. From a money standpoint, Blizzard Beach is the less expensive operation, but from the ability to socially distance (especially during Florida’s frequent inclement weather situations) Typhoon Lagoon is the far superior park. Still, if you are feeling that urge for normalcy and fun in the summer sun of water park bliss, Blizzard Beach is the only Disney option currently open worldwide. And, of course, we can understand why Disney opted not to require masks while in the water – the opportunity for having a “waterboarding” experience, or worse, is significant. Nobody wants to see a small child struggling to swim with a mask obscuring lifeguards’ ability to note a dangerous situation.

As for when Typhoon Lagoon will open, there’s no word… and that’s probably not a good thing for its chances of reopening soon. In order to operate both parks, Disney would likely have to bring back a significant number of seasonal jobs that we don’t have any indication they’re preparing to do. But it’s certainly our hope that Typhoon Lagoon will open as hastily as possible. After all, I’d much prefer to weather a thunderstorm under a tropical cabana at Typhoon Lagoon than crowding in a merchandise shop with strangers at Blizzard Beach.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are you ready to return to water parks mostly without masks?

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